A comprehensive Explosion Protection Document developed for a leading heating company

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The specialist at the ATEX company have prepared an end-to-end Explosion Protection Document to assure compliance of one of the leading heating company with the regulations in Poland and the EU.

The EPD development was preceded by an on-site visit and interviews with the customer’s installation operators. The studied installation was described with the information collected during the on-site visit, the photographic evidence made on site, and the records disclosed by the customer.

An EPD is a comprehensive and the most critical document to be had by every employer, according to the current laws.

The customer’s business cogenerates heat from combustion of hard coal with biomass from farms and forests; hence explosion hazards at the installation is generally caused by the presence of particulates from those combustibles.

An analysis and evaluation was carried out for the systems of storage, bunkering and feeding the fuel to the power boilers, the fuel oil distribution system, the boiler ammonia feeding system, the ammonia and fuel oil pumping plants, the battery charging station, hazardous chemical storage facilities, and the umbrella roof for industrial gas storage. The protective measures existing on site were also evaluated.

The EPD identifies all areas where explosion hazard zones may apply and lays down the general guidelines for safe operation, repairs and maintenance at the locations.

SCOPE OF WORKS: a comprehensive Explosion Protection Document developed for a leading heating company

LOCATION: Poland, Silesia Province

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