ATEX Design Control Cartridges for Operation in an Explosion Risk Dust Zone

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WOLFF GROUP has delivered over 80 ATEX design control cassettes for a manufacturer of detergents and cleaners. They will be used for activating dust collection systems of charging tanks situated in an explosion risk dust zone.

In accordance with the customer’s requirements, each cartridge has been equipped with a single monostable button for opening the tank gate valve for the dedusting process duration and closing it when the process is completed. In addition, the cassettes are provides with M12 glands, made of polyamide, to ensure tight damping in the range of 4-7 mm. The cassettes have been produced according to the customer’s specification.

Certified control cartridges can be customised with the use of many components, in accordance with the assessment of identified risks in terms of explosion safety.

SCOPE OF WORKS: delivery of control cartridges for operation in an Explosion Risk Dust Zone

LOCATION: Poland, Mazovia Province

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