A complex project to modernize a POLYLITE resin storage room


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Krzysztof Tetla

On commission of a prominent European manufacturer of bathroom fittings WOLFF GROUP is developing a complex project to modernize a storage room for POLYLITE resins. The task was preceded by stock-taking of installation from a technological and architectural point of view, which enabled data collection necessary to prepare a „turn-key” project to adjust the storage room to current formal and legal requirements.

In this task, the main problem is the medium stored in the tanks. It is a compound which spontaneously polymerizes while in contact with air humidity or pollution, high temperatures or mixing two different fractions from two different supplies.

Under the contract WOLFF GROUP will prepare documentation together with a construction project in the field of technological tank modernization, which basically will include:

  • a technology design of two storage tanks of 30 m3 capacity together with tank technological cards,
  • a design of tank security system,
  • a design of modernized resin installation (pipelines),
  • an installation detecting styrene concentration in the room with an audio-visual signalling,
  • an installation of emergency mechanical ventilation of the storage room,
  • a nitrogen installation to ensure a neutral gas zone inside the tanks of 15 mbar pressure and minimum 30 m3/h capacity,
  • branch-specific directives, as well as electricity, automation and construction directives allowing preparation of branch projects.

SCOPE OF WORKS: a complex project to modernize a POLYLITE resin storage room

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Krzysztof Tetla

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