The cosmetics industry in Poland has been flourishing continuously for several years. The products of such Polish brands as Irena Eris, Dax Cosmetics and Inglot can be found on drugstore shelves around the world. The Ministry of Economy has not been indifferent to the development of this sector and has recognized it as one of the 15 flagship branches of the Polish industry. Poland is one of the largest cosmetics markets in Europe. Its value amounts to EUR 2.86 billion, resulting in the 6th place in the Old Continent. Cosmetics "Made in Polska" are exported to over 130 countries worldwide. The income from exports in 2013 amounted to more than EUR 2.13 billion. The Polish producers do well also in the domestic market. While global companies take control in other European countries, the Polish producers still have more than 50% share in the domestic market in the segment of skin care products. The cosmetics industry provides more than 19 thousand jobs. The attractiveness of the Polish cosmetics industry is reinforced by a special three-year promotional program launched by the Ministry of Economy. There are more than 100 companies involved in the program, which, among others, present their products in the Polish National Pavilion at the most important cosmetics trade fairs in the world. So far, the industry has been supported with the amount of PLN 25 million.