Dedicated Explosion Safety System (DESS) for four dedusting installations in the pharmaceutical industry

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In the nearest future, for a pharmaceutical industry customer WOLFF GROUP will conduct an extensive modification of four installations used for dedusting dryers operating in 21 and 22 explosion zones. Activities performed within this project constitute so called Dedicated Explosion Safety System (DESS).

The activities to be performed by WOLFF GROUP include:

  • carrying out ATEX and technical audits to check investment feasibility,
  • preparing initial project of modification of the dedusting installation with HRD protection for filtration units that cope with dust mixture and pharmaceutical solvents,
  • stock-taking, modelling and calculating structural strength,
  • preparing a project of reinforcements for the dedusting installation,
  • supplying, mounting and initiating the system of explosion suppression and cut-off,
  • performing installation reinforcements and pipeline replacement,
  • modifying and expanding Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation,
  • performing final Explosion Risk Assessment with regard to the installation.

SCOPE OF WORKS: extensive modification of four dedusting installations

LOCATION:  Poland, Wielkopolskie Province

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