Delivery and assembly of four VQ flameless explosion relief systems on biomass fuels silo in one of Polish combined heat and power (CHP) plants


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For one of the key CHP plants in Poland, the WOLFF GROUP carried out modernization of a system protecting biomass silo against effects of uncontrolled dust explosion.

Until the modernization the silo had been protected by explosion relief panels. Lately, in an immediate neighbourhood of the silo, a new installation has been erected. Should there occur an explosion in the silo, the pressure wave and fireball would be directed towards the installation, which is an unacceptable situation taking into account provisions of ATEX Directive. Thus, there was the need for another explosion-proof system, which — on the one hand — would contain the effects of an explosion within the protected silo (no propagation of pressure wave and fireball to the surrounding), and on the other hand it would utilise the holes in the silo.

As part of the assignment the two existing decompression panels, measuring 1,000 x 1,000 mm were disassembled. They were replaced with adapters that allowed for fitting four flameless explosion deaeration systems, measuring 586 x 920 mm each. This solution made it possible to protect not only the silo in scope, but also the structure of the new installation.

It should be noted that it was the largest series of types of devices for flameless explosion deaeration. The weight of a complete adapter with two VQs was ca. 400 kg.

Assembly was carried out at the height of 35 metres. The works required special equipment and access on ropes. Dimensions of the new elements were precisely selected, with a tolerance of millimetres. Good preparation for the assignment, as well as correctly set-up project allowed for completion of the works within one day.


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