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The WOLFF GROUP Design Office specialises in designing process devices and systems as well as dedusting, central vacuum and industrial ventilation systems. Moreover, in cooperation with the other Company departments we are able to physically make such systems and adjust them to explosion safety, process safety or REACH Regulation requirements.

The works offered in that area include:

preparing a feasibility study and conceptual design building and working design drawing up documents needed to apply for a building permit installation or installation supervision preparing as-built plans and documents guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Engineering systems designs
Our Design Office provides comprehensive project development as well as making calculations and analyses with regard to industrial equipment and systems. The works are performed in accordance with the requirements of process safety, explosion safety and REACH Regulation. The design process is based on the piping and instrumentation diagrams developed by our company.
Industrial Buildings Designs
We design complete industrial buildings, including production halls for food processing and chemical engineering industries, warehouse halls, accompanying structures for the power engineering industry, and also individual industrial systems. Our activities include designing, general contractor’s services and design–build project delivery. We cover all project stages, starting from the functional programme, through building and working design, to as-built plans and documents.
Dedusting systems
We specialise in designing and making dedusting systems for power engineering industry, metallurgic plants, foundries as well as chemical engineering, food processing and woodworking industries. We are particularly experienced in systems operating in explosion hazard zones. In such cases we ensure provision of optimal explosion-proof systems and prepare Explosion Risk Assessment Studies or Explosion Protection Documents.
Industrial central vacuum systems

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

We design, build, install and service central vacuum systems for industrial purposes. If a system is destined to handle flammable or explosive dusts, we ensure selection and implementation of adequate protection systems as well as preparing Risk Explosion Assessment Studies or Explosion Protection Documents.
Industrial HVAC systems

Within the comprehensive project performance, the WOLFF GROUP Design Office offers designing, delivery and installation of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems for industrial premises.   Thanks to many years of experience in explosion protection, we are able to provide ventilation systems for explosion hazard zones.

Electric systems and C&I designs
We prepare electric systems and C&I designs. In cooperation with the other Company departments we may also offer electric and mechanical installation works as well as maintenance and inspection services. The major systems designed in that area include: automation and control systems, electric systems, electric switchboards, control cabinets together with prefabrication, controls and instrumentation, cable routes, supply, control and measuring cables.
Process systems inventory studies
After several years of a process system operation the system technical documents may be incomplete or significantly differ from the actual status. This makes it difficult, or in some cases impossible, to repair, modernise or reconstruct such system. In order to solve that problem, the WOLFF GROUP proposes its customers to carry out an inventory study for the individual devices and complete industrial systems.
3D systems modelling / FEA
Our design department provides services in three-dimensional modelling and researching structural strength of industrial equipment and systems. We provide the service based on the knowledge of our engineers and advanced IT solutions.
Preparing electric designs in accordance with ATEX standards
At the WOLFF GROUP Design Office there is a team specialising in developing electric systems and industrial automation for explosion hazard zones, in accordance with Ex standards and ATEX Directive requirements.

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