3D Systems Modelling / FEA

GRUPA WOLFF has its own design office and production plant, as well as assembly, repair, service and explosive safety departments. As a result, we are capable of accomplishing most demanding tasks, beginning with a design (modelling, analysis), through production of key elements, erection, commissioning, as-built survey and servicing of the complete plant. In most of cases, we perform the above works in our own capacity. This allows us to maintain the highest operational standards as proved by the references supplied by our most demanding customers.

Due to our experience and versatility, we can provide services to both large production companies and to small and medium-sized enterprises).


Our designers use advanced software for modelling apparatus and process plants in the three-dimensional space, in the full scale.

It is also called virtual prototyping of parts of machines, equipment or plants. It shortens the time of task implementation, allows to minimise any errors and facilitates production of technical documentation.

  • Plant designing
  • Plant modelling


We provide services aimed at determining structural strength of equipment with the use of the Finite Element Method (FEM). With the use of advanced calculation algorithms, we are able to verify the local strength of structures and to introduce proper solutions so that to avoid defects and protect the facility.

Due to the FEM, we are able to determine movements, stresses, as well as safety ratings for a given apparatus.

  • Determining structural strength of facilities
  • Determining a local strength of structures
  • Tests related to structural mechanics

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