Engineering Systems Designs

Industrial Process Plant Design

The WOLFF GROUP Design Office provides comprehensive project development as well as making calculations and analyses with regard to industrial equipment and systems. The works are performed in accordance with the requirements of process safety, explosion safety and REACH Regulation. In cooperation with the other Company departments we assemble the necessary equipment and devices, make installation and provide service work.

Engineering systems designs

Major areas of activity

1. Designs of engineering systems for manufacturing of pesticides in the form of:

  • WP – dispersible powders for preparing water suspensions,
  • EC – homogeneous liquid forms to be used as emulsions,
  • EW – non-homogeneous liquid forms suspended in an organic solvent or water,
  • S.C. – concentrated particle suspensions in liquids to be diluted with water.

2. Designs of engineering systems for fertilisers.

  1. Designs of process plants for food preservatives manufacturing.
  2. Designs of process plants for confectionery products manufacturing.
  3. Designs of process plants for chocolate manufacturing.

1. Designs of process plants for manufacturing of waterproofing materials:

  • water-based polymer modified bituminous products,
  • solvent-based polymer modified bituminous products.

2. Designs of process plants for manufacturing of fungicides:

  • wood preservation biocides,
  • wall treatment biocides,
  • plaster treatment biocides.

3. Designs of process plants for manufacturing paints and varnishes for wood and walls, including:

  • water-based and solvent-based products,
  • speciality products (fire-retardants, decorative products),
  • transparent and hiding products.

4. Development of technologies for chemicals and corrosion resistant protection products.

We prepare designs for pressure equipment and aggregates of the maximum allowed pressure higher than 0.5 bar, including in particular:

  • pressure vessels and pipelines intended for gases, liquefied gases, gases dissolved under pressure, vapours and liquids of specific parameters,
  • fired or otherwise heated pressure equipment,
  • safety and pressure accessories for the above equipment in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU of 19 July 2016.

Calculations related to the process equipment (e.g. overall dimensions, wall thickness, mixer location, etc.) as well as to the processes conducted therein (e.g. mass transfer and heat exchange, mixer efficiency, chemical reactions yield, etc.). The calculations apply, for example, to:

  • mixers,
  • reactors,
  • mass transfer equipment (ion-exchange columns, scrubbers or absorbers),
  • heat exchangers (shell-and-tube exchangers),
  • pressure vessels,
  • hazardous substances storage tanks.
  1. Designs of extraction and dedusting systems.
  2. Designs of central vacuum systems.
  3. Designs of local dust extraction systems.
  4. Preparing of working designs for dedusting equipment.
  5. Designs of industrial ventilation systems.

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Click below to enter a site devoted to designing and execution of dedusting, central vacuum and ventilation systems. The solutions offered by us are intended to operate in standard and hard conditions as well as in explosion hazard zones.

  1. Designs of explosion-proof systems.
  2. Designs of process safety systems.
  3. Designs of building fire protection systems in the scope of fire ventilations.

The designs listed below may also be applied in explosion hazard zones. In cooperation with the other Company departments we also offer electric and mechanical installation works as well as maintenance and inspection services.

  1. Deigns of automation, control and electric systems.
  2. Designs of electric switchboards and control cabinets, including prefabrication.
  3. Designs of controls and instrumentation.
  4. Designs of cable routes, including supply, control and measuring cables.
  5. Selection of electrical engineering and automation components.
  6. For the listed designs, we also offer electric and mechanical installation works as well as maintenance and inspection services.

The use of environment for business purposes is allowed upon obtaining adequate permits from the competent environmental protection authorities.

We offer preparing documents for environmental protection permits and decisions applications, in the following domains:

  • Environmental impact assessment proceedings – comprehensive support in obtaining environmental requirements decisions, from the stage of preparing documents to the moment of the decision issue by the authorities (Project Information Sheet, Environmental Impact Assessment Report);
  • Water and wastewater management plans – the plans must be attached to the applications for water and wastewater management permits;
  • Air quality plan – documents needed for obtaining permits with regard to emission of gases and dusts into atmosphere and preparing system notification documents (we use software to calculate the distribution of pollutants);
  • Waste management – documents for applications regarding waste management, i.e. permits for waste generation, transport and recovery;
  • Documents for integrated permits applications – the duty to obtain an integrated permit is related to operating installations which may cause major pollution of the particular natural elements or environment as a whole owing to the type or scale of activity.
  1. Designs of industrial water treatment systems (e.g. for power stations).
  2. Designs of pneumatic transport systems.
  3. Support structures working designs.

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