Dust removal system for non-explosive ceramic powders

Commissioned by a production plant managed by a global leader in production of ceramic materials (including ceramic substrates used in catalyst cartridges and diesel particulate filters), the WOLFF GROUP delivered a dust removal system for non-explosive ceramic powders.

The task comprised development of plans and specifications for the dust removal system, manufacture of major system components (including a bag filter and tubing), delivery and installation as well as commissioning of a complete system.

The core of the system is a bag filter with the capacity of 24,000 m3/h featuring a high-efficiency filter cartridge cleaning system. This solutions enables the system to operate on an ongoing basis without any downtimes necessary for filter regeneration.

Industrial filters are used in order to improve operating conditions and protect natural environment.

The project covered the following:

  • delivery of a filtration unit along with a ventilating fan and tubing,
  • system installation,
  • system commissioning.

SCOPE OF WORKS: delivery, installation, commissioning

LOCATION: Poland, Silesian Province

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