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Dust detector snifter
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ATEX dust detector

for monitoring of damage to dust extraction units

The ATEX dust meter is designed for use in harsh industrial environments (including explosive atmospheres) to monitor dust levels in ducts and pipelines. It is most often installed on the clean side of the filters and is used to monitor the correct functioning of the dust extraction units. This allows damage to the filter bags to be detected immediately.

The probe is placed directly at the measuring point, and the automatic set-up of the dust meter takes a maximum of eight minutes, making the device virtually maintenance-free and low-cost to operate afterwards.

Dust detector snifter
Dust detector snifter
Dust detector snifter
Dust detector snifter
Dust detector snifter

Parameters of the dust meter

The ATEX Snifter A2 dust meter has sufficient sensitivity to cope with the monitoring of low dust concentration levels resulting from the use of modern fabric filters in dust collectors. The stainless steel probe and cast aluminium housing mean that the monitor will operate continuously with minimum maintenance, withstanding vibration from the process and the deposition of dust on the probe.

Measurement Total suspended particles
Measurement principle Inductive electrification
Range Detection limit from 0-10 mg/m3 to 0-7 g/m3 (depending on the type of dust)
Serial communication RS485, USB, and optionally wireless communication
Communication protocols Modbus RTU (RS-485) Sintrol network (USB, wireless, RS-485)
Output signals Two independent outputs for signaling exceeding set levels: alert and alarm.
Power supply 12 - 24VDC
Protection degree IP 65
Temperature Environment: from -40°C to +60°C Process: max. 250°C
Airflow speed in the duct min. 3 m/s
Pressure max. 200 kPa
Humidity max. 95% relative humidity (without condensation)
Management and configuration software DustLog 8 allows for immediate sensor configuration and examines dust level trends


Dust detector snifter

Key features

Dust detector snifter

Instant calibration

You only need about 8 minutes to have each of the dust meters ready to go, all thanks to automatic configuration and calibration.

Dust detector snifter

Robust design

Robust aluminium die-cast housing with IP65 protection

Dust detector snifter

A proven method of measurement

The reliable method based on inductive electrification provides an extremely wide measurement range with a detection limit of 0.01 mg/m³

Dust detector snifter

Maintenance Department Optimisation

With the software, you can manage the sensors and analyse dust trends, thus optimising the frequency of dedusting equipment maintenance.

ATEX version

The Ex model in the is suitable for zone 20, 21 or 22 inside the duct and zone 21 or 22 outside the duct.

Skonfiguruj własne rozwiązanie.

The use of dust measurement and monitoring
in the filtration and dedusting process

Dust detector snifter

Dust sensors monitor the condition of the filters

You will immediately detect filter bag damage or leaks, and in the long term you will optimise the maintenance frequency.

Dust detector snifter

With Ex-rated dust meters, you minimise the risk of explosion

You act preventively and prevent an explosive atmosphere from forming on the clean side of the filters.

Dust detector snifter

You monitor the quality of the air flowing into workplaces

You take care that dust extraction really does its job and provides employees with safe working conditions.

Reliable method for monitoring dust concentration: inductive electrification

The principle of dust measurement is extremely simple, which only enhances the sensitivity of the device providing high measurement accuracy. The most important part of the dust meter is the probe which is placed inside the duct, perpendicular to the air flow. When dust particles moving inside the channel pass or hit the sensor probe, a signal is induced. It is then transmitted to the monitoring system, for example to a computer with monitoring software. In addition to its high sensitivity, this technology also minimises the impact of sensor contamination, process temperature variations and flow velocity on measurement results. Inductive electrification technology enables a detection limit of just 0.01 mg/m3 to be reached.

Dust detector snifter

8 minutes

that is all it takes to automatically set up the dust meter.

Dust detector snifter

Instant, simple and user-friendly configuration is one of the meter’s many advantages. During the automatic configuration procedure under normal process conditions, the dust monitor automatically adapts to the process conditions and sets the measuring range and alarms accordingly. Under normal conditions, the unit will light up green and the mA output will be set to 5% of the range.

Dust detector snifter

The unit can be installed in the contaminated air ducting to the filter as well as in the ducts on the clean side of the dust extraction unit. In both cases, no manual range configuration is required.

Dust detector snifter

The baseline thus determined is always stored in the device’s memory. Then, using a switch mounted in the unit, you can very quickly set one of the three sensor response modes. When the response mode is changed, the device applies the appropriate multipliers to the baseline and automatically adjusts the ALARM and ALERT threshold parameters. All device parameters can also be adjusted manually in the DustTool software.

Dust detection – offer

dust detector offer


The S200 series – has a modular design, allowing the electronics, as well as the probe, to be adapted to virtually any industrial conditions

dust detector offer

Room dust

The sensor continuously measures dust in production areas (e.g.near mixers, near the silo hopper, on conveyor belts). It’s ATEX certified.

dust detector offer


It is most often installed on the clean side of the filters and is used to monitor the correct functioning of the dust extraction units.

dust detector offer

Budget dust

The S100 series – is the budget version, without the possibility of modification, intended for standard applications.

Fire protection systems – offer

Spark extinguishing

Instant detection and spot extinguishing of sparks and hot particles moving with the air through ducts and pipelines.

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