Room dust sensor

room dust sensor
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Sensor for continuous measurement of dust concentration in production halls

The sensor continuously measures dust in production areas, including explosion hazardous areas (ATEX certified). Thanks to the built-in autostart function, as well as the light indication function, the device can operate completely independent of external systems (simply plugged into the power supply). For more demanding users, the sensor provides communication with a PC, control panel or control room. This can be done via cable or wirelessly. The free software allows you to manage many different sensors from one place.

Dust sensor in rooms and halls, hanging and standing version
Certifications EX ATEX
iecex atex certified dust meters
rohs certified dust meters 3
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  • employee health protection
  • detection of malfunctioning dust extraction and ventilation systems
  • anticipation of equipment failure (e.g. loss of leakage)
  • reducing the risk of a dust explosion (keeping concentrations below the lower explosion limit)
  • detection of anomalies in the production process
  • supporting the maintenance of the cleanliness of the facility
  • meeting insurers’ explosion safety requirements

Key benefits

  • continuous real-time measurement of dust concentration with recording of results in the device memory
  • built-in control panel with keypad and digital display
  • free software to configure and manage sensors from a single location (the program can access historic data and allows all sensor operating parameters to be changed)
  • funkcja autostartu uruchamiana z poziomu panelu sterowania – czujnik gotowy do pracy po 8 minutesach
  • three pre-set sensor sensitivity levels (HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW) accessible from the control panel allow you to change the pre-set parameters from software level
  • built-in LEDs to indicate when alarm thresholds are exceeded
  • with compact dimensions and a weight of approx. 4 kg, the sensor can be moved periodically to different locations
  • stand-alone operation (simply connect the power supply and run autostart) or in connection with a PC, control unit or control room (ports: USB, RS-485; protocols: Modbus RTU, Sintrol Network)
  • wireless capability

Where can you install room dust sensors?

On the shop floor

Example from the photo: a hall with hydraulic presses for processing aggregate minerals and stones.

Near mixers

Example from the photo: measurement near the aggregate mixers at an interior finishing surface manufacturer.

Near the silo hopper

Example from the photo: dust monitoring near the unloading hopper of a sugar silo.

On conveyor belts

Example from the photo: transport of sugar by conveyor belts from the silo to production.

Industrial-scale agriculture

To demonstrate the extremely wide range of applications, we show the use of the sensor on a poultry farm to prevent the release of dust into the environment.

Had it been applied, there might not have been an explosion…

Sensor parameters

Dust measurement takes place in an internal measurement chamber. The air is drawn into it by a long-life built-in fan. It produces a constant and unchanging flow, which ensures reliable monitoring.

The Dumo Pro dust sensor is virtually maintenance-free for non-hygroscopic dust. If the dust is hygroscopic (e.g. sugar dust) you only need to develop a suitable maintenance schedule. It provides reliable detection of dust particles from PM1 to 200 microns.

MeasurementTotal suspended particles
Measurement principleInduction electrification
RangeDetection limit from 0.01 mg/m3 to several g/m3 (depending on the type of dust)
Serial communicationRS485, USB, or optional wireless communication
Communication protocolsModbus RTU (RS-485)
Sintrol network (USB, RF, RS-485)
Output signalsTwo potential-free contacts for signalling exceeding set levels: alert and alarm
Power supply12 - 24VDC +- 10%
Protection ratingIP 66
TemperatureAmbient conditions: from -40°C to +60°C
HumidityMax. 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Energy consumptionTo 10W
Management and configuration softwareDustTool Software allows you to instantly configure sensor operation, manage multiple sensors from a single location and study dust trends
Weight4,2 kg
Dimension288 (D) x 191 (Sz) x 174 (W) mm


Cross-section of dust sensor

Dimensions [mm]

dust sensor Dimensions

What to look out for

We will suggest to you what areas and facilities to include in dust monitoring

We can help you select locations throughout your production facility that require ongoing monitoring of dust concentrations in the air. We tell you which of these sites to yese into account to provide workers with clean air at workplaces and which sites require explosion prevention (monitoring the risk of explosive atmospheres).

How to place dust sensors
Built-in display and control panel in dust monitor

Built-in display and control panel

The display and LEDs allow you to quickly verify the dust level and whether a warning or alarm condition has been exceeded. The dust monitor also has a built-in keypad which enables autostart and quick configuration from the device (configuration is also possible from a PC, control panel or control system connected to the sensor).

We will give you free software

The control panel built into the unit allows quick configuration of the sensor, but only the free DustTool software will show its full power of capabilities. You will be able to manage all the dust meters from one place and change the factory-set parameters. DustTool also gives you access to archive data that will allow you to optimise machine maintenance cycles and cleaning, as well as predict spills and failures.

DustTool Software for dust sensor
Dust monitoring in halls, sensor connection diagram

You will connect via cable or wirelessly

Wired connection is not only the cost of the cable, but also that of installation. Sometimes the sensor is located at a great distance from the control panel or control room. It also happens that laying of cables requires reaching places that are difficult to access, the use of scaffolding or lifts. In such situations, a wireless connection may prove to be a much better solution. Importantly, sensors communicating wirelessly as well as via cable can work in the same network.

Start up in 8 min thanks to the autostart function

The autostart function allows the baseline concentration in a given space to be measured in 8 minutes and two predefined trip thresholds to be entered (5 and 20 times the baseline concentration). If you want to change these thresholds, you can easily do so from the control panel (selection of predefined values) or from the free DustTool software (enter any values you wish)

Dust detection – offer

dust detector offer


The S200 series – has a modular design, allowing the electronics, as well as the probe, to be adapted to virtually any industrial conditions

dust detector offer

Room dust

The sensor continuously measures dust in production areas (e.g.near mixers, near the silo hopper, on conveyor belts). It’s ATEX certified.

dust detector offer


It is most often installed on the clean side of the filters and is used to monitor the correct functioning of the dust extraction units.

dust detector offer

Budget dust

The S100 series – is the budget version, without the possibility of modification, intended for standard applications.

Fire protection systems – offer

Spark extinguishing

Instant detection and spot extinguishing of sparks and hot particles moving with the air through ducts and pipelines.

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