2-pole magnetic ground clamp

2-pole magnetic ground clamp
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The clamp consists of a stainless steel body (A2/SS304) with an integral handle. The body contains two neodymium magnets and connecting wires. Both magnets strongly attract surfaces containing iron, which allows the two spring-loaded tungsten carbide teeth to sink into them, ensure contact and a good, low-resistance connection.

When to use a magnetic clamp?

  • Fixing spring grounding clamps to a flat or curved surface is not normally possible, e.g. to the drum body. In such situations, magnetic clamps become indispensable to overcome this obstacle.
  • The neodymium magnets used are the strongest type of permanent magnet available for industrial purposes. Each magnet can withstand a load of 25 kg, but this is slightly reduced when placed in the clamp due to the air gap and the thickness of the metal body of 1 mm. The clamping force also depends on the thickness and type of metal to which the clamp is attached for grounding.
  • The VESX50-IP will be the best choice in situations where there is no obvious point of connection to a system component or it is too large for the jaw opening of a standard clamp.

Advantages of using tungsten carbide

  • Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials used in industry today. Used in conjunction with very powerful neodymium magnets, has the ability to continuously pierce the clamp through coatings, rust or product deposits that an ordinary alligator or welding clamp would have problems with. Sharp tungsten carbide teeth are a key feature of Newson Gale’s heavy-duty clamps.

Key benefits

  • Reliable contact – a connection of sharp, spring-loaded tungsten carbide tips with the strength of two neodymium magnets ensures that coatings with which systems requiring grounding are coated, residual product deposits or corrosion will not prevent the clamps from making a low-resistance contact (≤10 Ohm) to the equipment being grounded.
  • Ergonomics – 2-pole magnetic clamps have an integrated handle, making them easy to grab, put on and take off when operators need to make repetitive grounding connections on a daily basis.
  • A clamp for years – additional value is provided by the corrosion-resistant and robust mechanism.

Electrostatic Earthing – the offer

Earthing control systems

Earth control systems
with process lock (tanks, big bags)

You can use them in the field of earthing monitoring of e.g. road tankers, railways, big-bags, as well as components of process plants. Earth-Rite systems verify easily and safely that the stored loads are properly discharged to the ground through a monitoring unit with a signal lightning diode. If the earthing is not performed properly, the controllers block the process.

Multiple elements earthing control system

Multiple elements
earthing control system

The MULTIPOINT II system is a device designed to control the earthing of up to 8 self-acting or interconnected system components at the same time. According to the guidelines of international standards for the control of unwanted static discharges, the correctness of earthing will only be confirmed by the system if the resistance of the earthing node on each channel is less than 10 Ω.

Clamps with earthing control

Clamps with earthing control
(IBC tanks, drums, big-bags)

We can offer you clamps with monitoring the state of earthing of barrels, tanks, etc. These solutions, in addition to earthing the equipment operating in production rooms, by means of a monitoring unit with a signalling diode, easily and safely verify that the charges accumulated on the equipment are properly discharged to earth.

Simple earthing clamps for single- and two-core cables

wires, spools

Earthing clamps can be used in two configurations – as a set of two simple clamps connected with each other by a spiral cable, or as a connection of the clamp to a earthed container and a ring clamp, which is located at the end of the cable, to a earthing strip.

Shoe inspection stations Ex ATEX

Shoe inspection
stations Ex ATEX

The electrified human body is one of the most serious sources that pose a fire or explosion hazard in industrial conditions. An example of a solution that checks footwear for its ability to dissipate electrostatic charges before an employee enters an area with flammable atmospheres is the Sole-Mate shoe control system.

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