End-of-line flame arresters for the modernised aromatics production system

For one of the major companies in fuel and power engineering sector the WOLFF GROUP supplied end-of-line flame arresters which will protect a modernised aromatics production system against atmospheric deflagration.

Deflagration is an explosion propagating with subsonic speed.

The end-of-line flame arresters have been designed to protect highly threatened tanks and systems. The arresters have only one connector pipe.

The body of the flame arresters is made of stainless steel. The maximum working temperature of the equipment is 60°C, and the maximum working pressure (absolute) is 1.1 bar.

The flame filter unit embedded in the body (a disk with passages of the maximum height of 0.6 mm) serves as a cooler absorbing the heat in the process of combustion of a flammable mixture with air, extinguishing the fire and protecting the system. The role of cooling elements is performed by the walls of the disk passages. Important is also the length of the passage (height of the disk). In the certification process the length has been selected by the manufacturer such as to absorb the heat of combustion of all the substances in the explosion group IIB3.

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