Ex-Linear emergency light fittings for fluorescent lamps

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Ex-Linear emergency light fittings for fluorescent lamps

nLLK 08018/18 N / nLLK 08036/36 N

(Zone 2, 21, 22)

The linear emergency luminaires series nLLK 08 .. N for fluorescent lamps combines the latest lighting technology with the requirements of a harsh and hazardous environment.

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Looking for a less expensive alternative perhaps?

Check out HARDO brand OptiLine lighting fixtures

OptiLine lighting fixtures are an excellent alternative to well-known global manufacturers. They are certified for use in zones 2, 21 and 22. The experience of the engineers at HARDO has enabled the identification of typical challenges associated with lighting installations that can increase the overall project costs. As a result of these insights, HARDO engineers have developed an exceptionally versatile lighting fixture suitable for both primary and emergency lighting in explosion hazard zones, all while maintaining reasonable production costs.

OptiLine basic lighting fixtures ATEX 12
Ex emergency lighting fixtures with a microinverter
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

If you need a reliable and decentralized emergency lighting

The emergency luminaires with a self-contained battery system provide a decentralise solution for the mandatory emergency lighting, independent of central systems. In large plants, in particular, these luminaires offer significant cost benefits. The luminaire nLLK08 … N with a NC self-contained battery and maintained and non-maintained mode emergency lights provide a reliable safety and reduced maintenance costs. The careful charging optimizes battery lifespan. The variants 1/6 the battery is easy to maintain below the reflector flap. With the variants 2/6 a separate battery enclosure is used and the battery can easily be replaced with a plug in the hazardous area. The emergency lighting duration is 1.5 or 3 h.

Long-term safety

The luminaires of this robust lighting series with plastic housings are equipped with a highly-efficient electronic ballast, which has a reliable EOL circuit. Thus, the lamps are checked for proper operation and shut down safely in the event of a malfunction at the end of the service life. With these luminaires, you are always on the safe side.

Simple and cost-effective installation

In conjunction with the generously dimensioned terminal compartment, the standard single-ended through-wiring allows a cost-effective installation. The double-sided locking facility with 10 or 20 latch points allows the protective bowl to be hinged on both sides, meaning that the fitting can be mounted on either side.

Easy-to-maintain design

The nLLK08 … N luminaires provide a reliable safety and reduced maintenance costs. The careful charging optimizes battery lifespan. The plug-in connector allows easy disconnection of the battery, which can then be replaced whenever necessary.

  • Cost-effective installation due to single-ended through-wiring
  • EVG with EOL monitoring
  • Double-sided safety lock
  • With self-contained NC battery for 1.5 h or 3 h emergency lighting operation
  • Battery can be replaced in the hazardous area
  • High degree of protection IP66
  • nLLK 0801818 N
  • nLLK 08036/36 N

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Industrial Lighting

We specialize in industrial lighting, with a particular focus on facilities where there is: dust, corrosive atmosphere, explosion and fire hazards.


Ex-Ceiling pendant light fittings and floodlights

Mainly used in explosion-hazard areas, in both land and marine installations, in storage buildings, production halls, and chemical industry facilities.

Ex-linear light fittings

They are made of high-quality plastic with excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to chemicals.

Ex LED lighting

Our light fittings combines the latest LED technology with the protection of a reliable housing solution. As a result, they are the ideal solution for lighting tasks in harsh and hazardous environments.

Ex-escape sign luminaires ATEX

Ex-Signal and escape sign luminaires

The EXIT series of explosion-protected escape sign lumi­naires fulfils the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and EN 60598, Section 2.22 for emergency lighting lumi­naires. The luminaires are suited for marking escape routes and exits in hazardous areas.

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