Explosion Risk Assessment for Tobacco Pouches Production Line

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Our Explosive Risk Assessment experts have recently been commissioned by the tobacco manufacturer to carry out an Explosion Risk Assessment. The analysis concerned mainly the production line for tobacco in pouches and the process of combining tobacco with flavoured additives. The aim of the audit was to increase the level of safety in the production facility.

In the area of the analysed installations, among others, there are used acetic acid and pure ethyl alcohol which can form an explosive atmosphere under certain conditions. In the Explosion Risk Assessment, it was particularly important to analyse the conditions under which flammable substances are stored and used. For example, the lowest ignition temperature for ethanol is only 16°C. Also, the low value of minimum ignition energy poses a serious risk of ignition, even from low electrostatic discharge sparks, sparks caused by mechanical impact or resulting from friction materials.

The following areas of the object have been assessed:

  • a storage site for substances used in the manufacture of flavouring additives,
  • a site for preparation of flavouring additives,
  • a dispensing area for substances and flavours for coarse-cut tobacco together with the installation of a vapour extractor from the mixing drum and from above the coarse-cut tobacco.

Following the Explosion Risk Assessment, the experts recommended the installation of an additional system for testing the concentration of gases in the room intended for the storage of the substance used in the manufacture of tobacco in pouches and pointed to the general activities related to the operation of the production facilities and machines.

The study was prepared as part of the adaptation to the requirements of Polish and EU law.

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