Explosion Safety Audit in the biomass block of a thermal power plant

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As ordered by the thermal power plant, experts of the ATEX company will perform technical audit for verification of the documentation of equipment control in a potentially hazardous atmosphere in the biomass block.

The scope of the audit will include the review and verification of the technical documentation and operating instructions relating to the control and operation of equipment located in explosion hazard zones for the mechanical part (including conveyors, gears) and electricity (electric motors, lighting, switching equipment, etc.) in terms of compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, the review report will be supplemented with proposals and specific guidelines to develop Equipment Control Cards in the areas of hazardous atmosphere for particular groups of devices.

A similar request for instructions for maintenance works was implemented by the specialists of the ATEX company some time ago for a lignite mine. The subject of the instructions was determination of the rules for conducting repair works in carburizing buildings, where there are explosion hazard zones during operation of the equipment.

These instructions covered the following repair works:

  • inside transfer station,
  • inside the coal bunkers (bunkers near the boilers and slot bunkers),
  • in pipelines and extraction canals,
  • in the chambers of the extraction filters,
  • outside the above mentioned installations and equipment.

The paper discusses the causes of the hazard of fire, explosion or other local threats, as well as the causes of the spread of the effects of an explosion/fire. The obligations of employees to carry out checks after the completion of repair works and to act adequately in order to limit the hazard of explosion/fire were described. The tasks and responsibilities of personnel in case of an explosion/fire or explosion hazard were also clarified.

Often the end users of production installations do not have adequate knowledge and experience in the application of the rules relating to the safe use of the installation in hazardous areas, therefore, the conducted audits ensure recognition of possible problems concerning explosion hazard not only in the phase of design, installation and acceptance but also the operation of equipment and/or lines.

SCOPE OF WORKS: Execution of Explosion Safety Audit in the biomass block in the thermal power plant

LOCATION: Poland, Silesia Province

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