Explosion Suppression

Explosion damping consists in identifying the initial explosion phase and injecting a damping agent inside the protected device. Thereby, the explosion is damped immediately upon ignition of explosive atmosphere, which prevents excessive pressure and fire from formation inside the apparatus. The time counted from detection of an explosion to explosion damping is counted thousandth part of a second (from 0.0075 to 0.0300 s).

The explosion damping system is the most universal method of protection of machines and plants against explosion effects. It is the only one that completely eliminates explosion effects and prevents fire.

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Components of the explosion damping system

HRD-E type extinguishing cylinders

Application: explosion protection of equipment units (including silos, filters, cyclones, mixers, drying plants, pelleting machines, etc.) in presence of flammables at explosive concentrations levels. The HRD cylinders provide explosion protection for processing equipment units, vessels, and ductwork which contain class ST1 to ST3 particulate matter, gases and/or hybrid mixtures in all industrial sectors.

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IR-13 infra-red detector

The IR-13 infra-red detector is an explosion suppression system component installed at ductwork and piping connected to bucket conveyors, filters, tanks and other processing equipment types. It provides instant detection of incipient explosion.

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MEX-3.2 dynamic explosion pressure detector

The MEX-3.2 type explosion multi-sensor is a multi-functional dynamic pressure detector and a component of the explosion suppression system. It is installed on processing equipment units, tanks, vessels, piping and ductwork to provide instant detection of the ignition of an explosion.

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EX 8000 / EX 5000 multi zone control unit

The EX 8000 multi zone control unit provides explosion suppression system monitoring, relay of the stored energy impulse to trigger the HRD cylinders, and on-line verification of the system status.

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EX 100.1 si zone control panel

The EX 100.1 single zone control unit is a control feature for the explosion suppression system which manages the HRD cylinders, pressure sensors and IR detectors.

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Dust detector

The PCME dust detector (applied as a filter cartridge breach sensor) works with the electrodynamic sensing technology called TriboACE.

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Scope of works performed

  • Working out of a concept and design of an anti-explosion system,
  • Delivery and (mechanical and electric) assembly,
  • Overhauls and service.

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BARTOSZ - I am at your disposal

We will answer questions about: offer, technical specification, delivery, assembly.

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