Steam Fire Extinguishing

GRUPA WOLFF makes – in cooperation with BCE Systems and on the basis of its many-year experience in the power industry – complex deliveries of steam extinguishing systems for ball, roller and fan mills.

Through cooperation with BCE Systems, we have become the only company in Poland which makes parallel deliveries of steam extinguishing, damping and decoupling systems for coal and biomass mills. In effect, we guarantee execution of all stages of the project by a single supplier, and thereby a correct cooperation of systems (lack of collision of the steam extinguishing system with the explosion damping and decoupling system).



  • Design of the system
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Commissioning and service


  • Protection of coal and biomass mills (including ball, roller and fan mills) from fire – the system of steam extinguishing in conditions of undetermined mill operation (e.g. stoppage or overheating) removes fuel from mill inside and inertises the system
  • Cleaning ball, roller and fan mills from retaining fuel (mainly light biomass)


  • Kraków Heat and Power Station – 16 mills of the MKM-25 type
  • Kozienice Heat and Power Station – 32 mills of the MKM-33 type
  • Synthos Heat and Power Station – 3 mills of the MWk-12 type
  • Siekierki Heat and Power Station – 16 mills of the MKM-25 type and 14 x MWk-16
  • Bydgoszcz Heat and Power Station – 14 mills of the 7M65E type
  • Dolna Odra Heat and Power Station – 35 mills of the MKM-25 type
  • Będzin Heat and Power Station – 6 mills of the MWk-16 type
  • Dalkia Poznań – 10 mills of the MKM-25 type
  • Dalkia Łódź – 4 mills of the EM70 type and 5 mills of the MKM-25 type


The steam extinguishing technology is based on steaming up mills in a manner allowing for immediate removal from the mill inside of fuel residues which might be ignited, both during the mill operation and during a shutdown. A stream of steam fed to to the mill inside removes fuel residues in the areas where fuel retention is most probable. Properly profiled and placed injection nozzles feed steam as a stream at high speed, ensuring a complete steam expansion, which allows to achieve a proper cleaning effectiveness.

Depending on the design input accepted for calculations, the systems mounted in mills ensure:

  • Possibly quick mechanical removal of fuel residues from the mill inside. Fuel is directed to the boiler and transported by the original air coming from the working mill fan (ball mills) or by a mixture of air and flue gases forced spontaneously by the mill (fan mills).
  • Cooling the mill space. The steam introduced to the mill has usually a lower temperature than the original air. Frequently, it is wet steam which is subject to further heating and evaporation in the expansion process inside the mill.
  • Complete inertisation of the mill inner space. Depending on the design input, the steam volume and feeding method may ensure – with continuous feeding of original air – a complete inertisation, i.e. reduction of oxygen content in the stream of gases passing through the mill to a level preventing combustion.


We make complex deliveries of steam extinguishing systems an explosion damping and decoupling system.

Cooperation with a single partner guarantees proper interaction and reliability of both systems (a lack of collision of the steam extinguishing plant with the explosion damping and decoupling system).

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