Fire detection and alarm system

fire detection and alarm system
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Fire detection and alarm system

We design and implement complete fire detection and alarm systems. In that we focus on four systems comprising different detection systems. Depending on the needs, we apply one of them or a hybrid of two or three systems. Such approach enables us to implement solutions which are optimal as regards engineering and costs. In our systems we apply devices intended for industrial and enclosed structures (halls, warehouses, commercial centres, churches, historic monuments).

Fire detection and alarm system | fire alarm system (FAS)

We design and implement fire alarm systems as well as complete fire-fighting systems. The latter may comprise fixed fire-fighting systems, voice alarm systems, emergency and escape route lighting, ventilation and smoke removal systems, as well as gas detection systems. Within such comprehensive approach we assume full liability to deliver a cohesive fire-fighting system. At the same time, we guarantee integration of the existing structure with the newly implemented safety systems.

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Wireless fire detection and alarm system | fire detection system

We design and implement wireless fire detection and alarm systems which do not require traditional cabling. Such solution is simple and fast to install, and at the same time extremely aesthetic (the sub-assemblies imitate marble and wood or may be finished to RAL colours). All that makes such systems ideal for buildings where interior must remain intact, high aesthetics is important and the simplicity of installing wires is crucial. This refers mainly to historic buildings, religious buildings or heritage monuments under the supervision of heritage conservation officer (churches, museums, cathedrals). The proposed wireless fire detection and alarm system may be easily integrated with the traditional systems of other manufacturers.

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Smouldering fire detection | fire detection system

We provide comprehensive implementation of smouldering fire detection and alarm systems, which are mainly used in protecting belt conveyors, tunnels, silos, dispensers, storage yards, bulk material storage facilities as well as hardly accessible places. The proposed solution frequently detects fire before the typical symptoms such as smoke or flame, which are detected by the traditional systems, appear. Thus, actions may be taken earlier and the risk of fire spreading is minimised, which also refers to the risk of losses resulting from system or product flooding. The smouldering fire detection systems designed by us are based on fire gas detectors and infra-red heat detectors, thanks to which they prove to be useful in difficult industrial conditions (high-dustiness and humidity), which may be found in power plants, cogeneration plants, cement plants or wood and cellulose processing plants.

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Line temperature sensor | fire detection system

We design and implement complete fire detection and alarm systems based on a line temperature detector (or other detectors selected adequately to the working conditions), which is a special active cable with embedded sensors. The solution is intended to be applied in hardly accessible spaces or when temperature measurement is required along long sections reaching from several dozens to several thousands meters. Typically line temperature sensors are applied in detecting belt conveyor failures or fires, cable routes overheating, detecting fires in transformer rooms, tanks, tankers and pipelines temperature monitoring. The line temperature sensor precisely indicates the source of fire or overheating of the monitored equipment or cable route.

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Fire protection systems – offer

Fire protection systems – offer


They are an automatic fire extinguishing system that detects the onset of a fire, sends information to the control system, and automatically starts the selective water extinguishing process – only where there is a fire.

Fire protection systems – offer


They are equipped with open fire sprinklers and can be divided into several extinguishing zones. When a fire is detected, the appropriate valves for a given area are opened. Water is released throughout the protected area.

Fire protection systems – offer


We use them especially for high fire risk facilities, such as: fuel tanks, solvents, and other flammable liquids; warehouses of plastics; flammable products and/or those creating explosive atmospheres.

Fire protection systems – offer

Fire detection
and signaling

We design and implement complete fire detection and signaling systems. Depending on the needs, we use one of the four available systems or a hybrid of two or three of them, optimizing the investment in terms of technical and cost aspects.

Fire protection systems – offer

Spark detection
and extinguishing

These systems are designed for installation on industrial installation channels. Their task is to prevent a potential ignition source in the form of a spark, cigarette butt, or heated particle from reaching the device.

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