Gas extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing systems
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Gas extinguishing systems

We design and implement gas extinguishing systems as well as complete fire safety systems, which comprise: the systems for fire detection, alarm and extinguishing, ventilation and smoke removal, emergency and escape route lighting, CCTV, access control as well as time and attendance control. We provide fire-fighting systems mainly for industrial structures with heavy-duty conditions (high dustiness, humidity, variable temperatures, explosion hazard zones, etc.). We also provide fire-fighting systems visualisations and their integration with the safety systems present in the respective building.

SCOPE OF WORK – gas extinguishing systems

  • concept and necessary designs development
  • selection and delivery of key system elements
  • control system design and implementation
  • visualisation of the gas extinguishing system
  • integration with the existing safety systems
  • installation, commissioning and service of the fire-fighting system

SCOPE OF WORK – complete fire-extinguishing systems

Apart from the inert gas extinguishing systems, we design and implement complete fire-fighting systems. They integrate all from the items or selected items of the list below. We integrate our solutions with the safety system already installed in a building. Thus, we carry out tasks of various level of difficulty, at different stages of life of the given building.

  1. Fire alarm system (FAS) – wired and wireless
  2. Fire detection system
  3. Ventilation and smoke removal system
  4. CCTV monitoring
  5. Intruder alarm system (IAS)
  6. Voice alarm system (VAS)
  7. Access control as well as time and attendance control
  8. Emergency and escape route lighting
  9. Fixed suppression systems

GAS EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS – system description

Gas extinguishing systems are applied in fire fighting in an environment where water as an extinguishing agent is undesirable. They are effective and particularly advised in places where valuable and susceptible equipment is stored, which could get damaged with the use of water-based extinguishing agents. They are also used for fire safety purposes in the places of storing hazardous substances and flammable liquids, or even metals. The system is activated by electric or mechanical trigger mechanisms. With regard to the security of people working in the places where fire is to be extinguished, the extinguishing gas is released through the extinguishing nozzles to the protected area only after a defined delay.

GAS EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS – CO2 / argon / nitrogen

  • Gas extinguishing systems using CO2

    The extinguishing agent is carbon dioxide – CO2. Such solution is applied mainly to protect flammable liquids and extinguish free-standing structures, for example to protect electronically advanced production machines. The gas is stored at the pressure of 50 bars in steel cylinders. When using such extinguishing agent the industry guidelines must be observed in order to avoid personal injuries.

  • Gas extinguishing systems using Ar

    The extinguishing agent is argon – Ar. Argon is mainly used to protect the area of the highest susceptibility. The agent extinguishes fire completely without any residues or indirect damage caused by the extinguishing agent. The gas is stored in steel cylinders at the pressure of 300 bars. During extinguishing the oxygen content in the room is reduced such that additional personal protection equipment is needed.

  • Gas extinguishing systems using reactive gases

    Chemical extinguishing agents are applied where the effect depends on very fast fire extinguishing. Contrary to the fire-extinguishing systems using inert gases, the extinguishing effect in this case is based on physical and chemical processes. On the one hand, heat is absorbed, and on the other, free radicals are released in order to stop the chain reaction of the burning process.


  • free-standing machines (applied as specific object extinguishing, frequently as the only possibility of protection against fire)
  • server rooms
  • electrical switch rooms,
  • printing machines,
  • transformers,
  • turbines,
  • crushing mills,
  • machine tools,
  • painting booths,
  • silos,
  • hydraulic systems,
  • warehouses of hazardous substances,
  • gases and flammable liquids.

Fire protection systems – offer

Fire protection systems – offer


They are an automatic fire extinguishing system that detects the onset of a fire, sends information to the control system, and automatically starts the selective water extinguishing process – only where there is a fire.

Fire protection systems – offer


They are equipped with open fire sprinklers and can be divided into several extinguishing zones. When a fire is detected, the appropriate valves for a given area are opened. Water is released throughout the protected area.

Fire protection systems – offer


We use them especially for high fire risk facilities, such as: fuel tanks, solvents, and other flammable liquids; warehouses of plastics; flammable products and/or those creating explosive atmospheres.

Strobe light sirens EX ATEX

Fire detection
and signaling

We design and implement complete fire detection and signaling systems. Depending on the needs, we use one of the four available systems or a hybrid of two or three of them, optimizing the investment in terms of technical and cost aspects.

Fire protection systems – offer

Spark detection
and extinguishing

These systems are designed for installation on industrial installation channels. Their task is to prevent a potential ignition source in the form of a spark, cigarette butt, or heated particle from reaching the device.

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