Follow-up explosion risk assessment for screw conveyors

Upon an order received from one of power plants operating in the Lesser Poland region, experts from ATEX, a company belonging to the WOLFF GROUP, conducted a follow-up explosion risk assessment for newly installed reverse screw conveyors. The fuel transported by the screw conveyors subject to the assessment includes hard coal, agro biomass and forest biomass. The main purpose of the conveyors is to separate and transport pulverised fuel (hard coal) to fuel bunkers of selected boilers. Both the explosion hazard assessment and classification of zones exposed to the explosion hazard were conducted entailing standard, undisturbed operating conditions of reverse conveyors. The follow-up explosion risk assessment was developed in order to verify whether the newly installed reverse screw conveyors conformed with requirements of both Polish and EU regulations pertaining to explosion protection.

SCOPE OF WORKS: Explosion risk assessment

LOCATION: Poland, Małopolskie Province

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