How the manufacturer of clays and ceramic materials improved their sieving effectiveness by 300%

How the manufacturer of clays and ceramic materials improved their sieving effectiveness by 300%


  • difficulty in achieving high separation effectiveness of very fine clay (separation of fraction below 90 μm)
  • the previously used air separator left as much as 40% of the proper product in the mesh fraction
  • the air separator required a costly to use dust extraction system
  • the failure rate of the separator required frequent downtimes, even once a week


  • the application of a screen provided with innovative vibration intensifiers (drop of the proper product quantity in the mesh fraction from 40% to 10%, ensuring at least 95% purity of the 0–90 μm fraction)
  • change of air separation technology into sieving enabled to eliminate the costly dust extraction system
  • the innovative but at the same time simple construction of the sieve enabled limitation of the number of failures and downtimes to the minimum and reduction of energy consumption at least threefold

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Problem: as much as 40% of the proper product remains in the mesh fraction

A leading Polish manufacturer of ceramic materials coped with the problem of separation effectiveness of very fine clay, which tended to cling to the devices. Previously they used an air separator, which unfortunately reflected some major drawbacks, for example:

  • leaving as much as 40% of the proper product in the mesh size to be returned to milling
  • reduced effectiveness of the milling process due to that
  • the necessity of using a costly to use dust extraction system for the air separator
  • frequent downtimes (even once a week) causing lower production profitability

How we improved the process effectiveness by 300%

The VFE® type screen was presented to the investor at the moment they decided to purchase a classical screen. In the latter devices vibrating is the whole heavy structure of the screen machine which has a negative effect on the dynamics of the screens. Such devices are hardly efficient for products with grain sizes of dozens of microns.

In our screen vibrations are intensified by special mechanical inductors and further forwarded to the screening meshes (the vibrations transfer to the machine casing is practically imperceptible). In that manner, the asynchronous movement of meshes with high vibration rate are ensured. Such solution enables the use of a VFE® screen to sieve fractions on mesh size from 50 μm do 30 mm.

The above advantages, combined with the guarantee of the possibility to return the machine within 30 days in case it does not fulfil the required parameters, persuaded the investor to change their decision. In effect we have supplied a screen ensuring:

  • fourfold reduction of the quantity of the proper product in mesh fraction – from 40% to 10%
  • elimination of the costly dust extraction system
  • limitation of the number of downtimes to the minimum thanks to the faultless operation

30-days return guarantee

VFE® vibrating screens operate in an unconventional way. In the drive two small vibrators are applied which could seem disproportional to the size of the machine. The mesh vibrations are intensified by mechanical inductors which significantly improves the mesh vibrations rate. The mesh, contrary to the other screening machines, is not tight – quite the opposite, it is loosely laid on the support frame. Such solution makes it vibrate in an asynchronic manner, which additionally improves the sieving quality. High vibrations acceleration combined with the loose mesh prevent the mesh holes from clogging. The installation of the mesh requires only its tightening with the use of a magnetic lock.

All of that contributes to our belief in the advantages of our device. At the same time, we are aware that the purchasing process is a difficult and requiring task for our customers. We understand that and are willing to provide support in the complicated process of selecting an optimal device. Therefore, during the test stage at the latest, we confirm the possibility of using the device and indicate the minimum screening parameters we may guarantee. If the screen delivered fails to fulfil the parameters, the customer may return it within 30 days of delivery. The guarantee as well as the terms and conditions of delivery and return will be served in writing.

The major advantages of the screen include:

  • precise screening of products with grain size of 0–30 mm
  • ideal operation in case of wet products
  • ideal operation in grain sizes even below 50 μm
  • proper product purity above 95%
  • very fast replacement of the meshes without stretching
  • no mesh clogging effect
  • up to threefold energy consumption reduction compared to the traditional screens
  • simple operation and maintenance
  • no transfer of vibrations to the support structure

Examples of the screen applications

VFE® screens are intended for separation of dry and wet products on screen with mesh sizes between 36 µm and 30 mm. It is important that the device may be used in sieving very fine fractions (50–200 μm). The screens are available in various sizes, with the capacity of up to 100 tons. There is a possibility to extend the capacity by way of several devices installation.

Among the examples of application, the screening of fertilizers, sugar, fine sand, mineral aggregates, limestone or pigment may be listed.


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