Cryogenic technologies

We manufacture complete grinding lines and product separation lines with the use of cryogenic technology. Cryogenic grinding is used for easily meltable, flexible, ductile and fibrous products where very high fineness of up to 30 µm is required (traditional methods for these products do not achieve fineness values below 300-500 µm). Cryogenic grinding can be used in a safe manner for products posing an explosion risk.

The separation of composite products using cryogenic technologies applies, among others, to tyres, roofing materials, metallised plastic parts, floor coverings, PVC window frames, etc., where the final product consists of two or more components with different properties. The reduced temperature increases brittleness and – as a result of different thermal expansion ratios – causes their separation into individual components.

Projects using cryogenic technology are carried out in cooperation with MESSER Polska. As a crucial part of the process, we precede the implementation of the cryogenic grinding technology with laboratory tests.


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Cryogenic grinding

We manufacture complete cryogenic grinding lines, enabling efficient production of finer particles by using freezing of ground / milled material with liquid nitrogen or dry ice (solid CO2). Depending on the product properties such as strength, hardness, flexibility/plasticity and the desired particle size, the following grinding and pulverisation principles are applied: breaking, crushing, cutting, abrasion, impact.

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Separation of composite materials – cryogenic pulverisation

We manufacture complete product separation lines with the use of cryogenic technology. The cryogenic pulverisation method (or cryogenic separation) aims to increase the brittleness of the product with liquid nitrogen. It is used for breaking up composite materials such as used tyres, metallized plastic parts, car dashboards, electronic waste and used paint containers.

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Key benefits of cryogenic technologies in industry

  • higher efficiency of the production process
  • possibility of obtaining finer powders
  • no damage to the products during the grinding process
  • no fire or dust explosion hazard
  • no clogging or blocking of the grinding elements
  • low capital investments
  • reliable and safe operation
  • recovery of valuable raw materials

Example flow chart

Cryogenic technologies - example

  Designing installations for bulk materials

Depending on the investor’s needs, we are able to provide a single device, as well as design and then build a complete installation for bulk materials. In addition, we design and production dedusting and central vacuum systems (including those for explosive dust).

  Explosion safety

Due to over 25 years of experience in the field of explosion safety, if installation will process flammable or explosive dusts, we are able to make appropriate systems to protect against the effects of an explosion and studies required by law (including explosion risk assessment, determining of explosion hazard zones, explosion protection document).

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We will answer questions about: offer, technical specification, delivery, assembly.

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