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The comprehensive services of the WOLFF GROUP include installation works, particularly in hardly accessible or confined spaces. We also provide commissioning, repair and maintenance services with regard to process systems, with particular focus on dedusting and central vacuum systems. A major element of our operations comprises reconstruction and modifications of systems to ensure their higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Industrial systems and equipment service
The industrial systems and equipment maintenance staff provide comprehensive services to many industrial sectors. Our staff are well qualified. The high quality of our service has contributed to many successful maintenance projects in the European Union and outside of it.
Industrial Automation
As regards industrial plants we provide comprehensive services in industrial automation and control systems. Both designing and installing systems at industrial plants we provide state-of-the-art and safe solutions.
Manufacturing, Asseembly, Repairs of Sell Structures and Equipment
Within comprehensive service the WOLFF GROUP offers installation, dismantling, inspection and repair of industrial equipment and systems. We mainly perform works in hardly accessible or explosion risk spaces, where special security measures must be applied.
Systems Relocation
Within the broadly understood systems relocation, we offer professional services related to the transfer of machines, equipment or the whole plants, complete production lines, factories or their fragments to new locations. We also provide tests and commissioning of systems within the production cycle at the new place.
Electric works for the industry
As regards industrial premises we offer a broad range of electric installation works. Moreover, we provide comprehensive services with regard to electric systems, including design and installation. We specifically specialise in electric systems for explosion hazard zones, applying state-of-the-art and safe solutions.

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