Prefabrication of terminal boxes and control boxes for EX zones in a non-standard temperature range


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  • the necessity of equipping the oil hydrotreatment systems and crystallisers with terminal boxes and control boxes which can operate in an unusual temperature, i.e. in the range from at least -30oC to +40oC, which determined the production process of the equipment


  • proposal of optimal solution – prefabrication of equipment made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, as well as the use of flameproof glands and polyamide glands for extended temperature ranges
  • production of intrinsically safe terminal boxes
  • quick and efficient implementation of the task thanks to the appropriate equipment in the production workshop

Check the details of the implemented equipment and services:

Electrical equipment for non-standard operating temperatures

Our own assembly plant allows us to manufacture electrical equipment to meet individual customer needs. In many cases, our activities require additional consulting regarding individual solutions, which are often determined by the conditions in which they will operate.

This was the case with one of our latest projects. A customer from the petrochemical industry needed to provide electrical equipment for oil hydrotreatment systems and crystallisers. However, they could not use standard solutions, as terminal boxes and control boxes were to operate in an extended temperature range, i.e. from at least -30oC to +40oC (standard boxes work in temperatures from -20oC to +40oC). In addition, the equipment was to be designed to work in Ex E II G zone, made in accordance with the supplied technical specifications and in the shortest possible time.

Production of heavy duty terminal boxes and control boxes

As a result, the production process required different procedures and the use of special components adapted to operate at lower ambient temperatures. After getting acquainted with the technical conditions, we proposed the most advantageous and optimal solution for our customer.

All units are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic with flameproof glands as well as polyamide glands for extended temperature ranges. In addition, several of the terminal boxes were provided in an intrinsically safe design.

The quick delivery time was made possible, among other things, due to equipping the production workshop with the necessary components, thanks to which we were able to start work immediately.

Individual approach to the subject, precise selection of certified components and efficient organisation despite the short time spent on the implementation of the task, allowed us to meet the expectations of our customer. Thanks to the use of elements resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, the equipment will be able to operate in extreme industrial conditions.

Knowledge of the requirements for the prefabrication of EX equipment is the key to success

In the case of difficult working conditions and installations with increased safety requirements, which are often found in industrial facilities, especially in the petrochemical, chemical and power industries, it is extremely important to select the right equipment depending on the technical specifications of the used components. In such situations, appropriate competence and knowledge of production procedures are necessary.

Production of such devices should be based on the actual conditions found at the place of final installation, taking into account:

  • environmental conditions,
  • classification of explosion hazard zones,
  • type of flammable substance and the possibility of its emission to the inside of the enclosure,
  • occurrence of effective ignition sources,
  • any assumed operational activities carried out by the maintenance services or operators of the installation in question.

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