Safety plates for wind farm protection

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On the basis of technology and services of a certain company, 25% of global energy is produced. This company owns in Poland a plant manufacturing wind turbines. It is this plant that will receive another supply of safety membranes which will protect systems of huge wind turbines against excessive pressure increase.

Interestingly enough, safety panels supplied by WOLFF GROUP as elements of turbine equipment will operate in various exotic countries, e.g. in Mexico or Hong-Kong.

Depending on the size of the wind turbine, various plate diameters are used: from DN 200 to DN 600. These are three-layer plates, where the two external ones are made of Inconel, e.g. a nickel-chromium-iron alloy. This material is characterised by high resistance to corrosion in high temperature conditions. The internal sealing layer of the membrane is made of PTFE.

SCOPE OF WORKS: supply of safety plates for turbine equipment

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