Selection and delivery of screening machines for a new line of quartz sand and feldspar milling


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Fot. Rhewum
Fot. Rhewum


  • necessity to obtain final product of strictly defined parameters
  • necessity to ensure high quality of sieving
  • risk of unwanted fraction getting into the final product
  • required high durability and reliability of the equipment in order to ensure production continuity


  • fitting the quartz sand and feldspar milling line with an additional control screen with direct mesh drive vibrating in the mass of product, which may prevent the unwanted fraction getting into the product (e.g. as a result of wear and tear of the main screen mesh)
  • support structure design for both screens and transfer sections connecting the screens
  • assembly and commissioning of the sieving equipment
  • provision of guarantee and post-guarantee service

Milled flour screen as an element of a new quartz sand and feldspar milling line

Construction of a new quartz sand and feldspar milling line at a manufacturer of components for ceramic, founding and chemical industries, as well as coats and lacquers and domestic chemistry sectors is related to an investment into the milled flour screens.

The supplied equipment has to ensure manufacturing of feldspar and quartz products of exactly specified quality and output parameters. The customer cares for constant parameters and sieving quality as well as minimising the risk of unwanted fractions getting into the final product, for example as a result of wear and tear of the main screen.

Apart from ensuring the specified output, high efficiency and reliability of the screens is important, as the machines are expected to operate long years.

Comprehensive solution based on two types of sieving equipment

With regard to the above, our specialist in selecting engineering equipment proposed a comprehensive solution covering the selection, delivery, assembly and commissioning of two different screens.

The first of them was a single-level WA screen (with one sieving surface) of static, dust-proof structure. In such screens only the sieving mesh is vibrating thanks to oscillating axles connected with small electromagnetic vibrators mounted on the screen structure. Thanks to direct drive, very good sieving parameters may be achieved at low energy expenditures. Additional advantages include fluent vibration amplitude adjustment and automatic screens cleaning during work by virtue of a momentary increase of the amplitude to the maximum. Such screen ensures sieving of the proper quartz sand fraction after milling.

For the proper screen operation the product must be equally and homogeneously spread on the whole width of the sieving surface. This is ensured by a static distribution chute with side product loading SV and a vibrating element inside. The chute will be rigidly connected with the WA screen.

Another screen is a high-efficiency RIUS control screen. In this case the whole equipment will be vibrating. The sand from the WA screen will be forwarded to the RIUS screen for control sieving of larger particles which may appear, for example, as a result of the WA screen mesh wear. Thanks to that, the existence of an unwanted fraction will be automatically signalled to the operators.

With regard to the highly abrasive properties of the product, we have foreseen additional abrasion protection in the transfer sections.

The works include also designing of support structure for both of the screens and the transfer section.

The whole order covers the selection of equipment, design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the screens. Additionally we will provide the customer with guarantee and post-guarantee service.

An adequately selected screen is a key for ensuring effective sieving

The manufacturers of components used by a variety of industrial sectors often face problems in selecting proper sieving equipment. This results from the fact that the technologies offered on the market differ in structure and details which often significantly affect both the efficiency of sieving, reliability, operation simplicity, maintenance of the equipment as well as its cost. In such cases comprehensive support in selecting the equipment and technology is needed, thanks to which the solution will fulfil not only the technical but also economic requirements.

From the customer’s point of view, apart from high efficiency and reliability of the sieving equipment, highly important is low energy consumption as well as fast and simple replacement of the sieving mesh, which gets damaged most frequently. A key to fulfil the requirements is a selection of optimal equipment by experienced companies, as well as provision of service in Poland in order to ensure fast reaction in emergency situations and repair or adjust the equipment such as to avoid long-lasting machine downtime.


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