Selection and supply of primary and emergency lighting fixtures for new generation sewage treatment plants

Selection and supply of primary and emergency lighting fixtures for new generation sewage treatment plants
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  • the need to equip the installation of the newly built sewage treatment plant with suitable primary and emergency lighting fixtures and Ex-type electrical equipment
  • the fixtures should be suitable for operation in an explosion hazard zone
  • unjustified design assumptions for a sewage treatment plant


  • analysis and consultation of original design assumptions and actual conditions for fixture installation
  • proposing of optimal and technically and economically justified lighting fixtures for use in explosion hazard zone 2, instead of in 1
  • reduction of delivery time (in correlation with the investment project construction schedule)

Check out the details of the installed equipment and services provided:

Industrial sewage treatment plants and explosion hazards

The investment project related to the construction of an industrial sewage treatment plant is subject to a variety of industry rules and regulations and therefore requires the preparation of a specialist concept. Since there will be potentially explosive areas on the site of the newly built sewage treatment plant, the installation should be equipped with technical solutions that will meet EU standards and provide the highest level of protection.

As part of the investment in the construction of a new generation of sewage treatment plants, our engineers have chosen and delivered lighting fixtures and electrical equipment adapted to the actual working conditions.

Analysis of designed primary and evacuation lighting

The task was preceded by an analysis of the design of the sewage treatment plant in order to properly select and comply with the standards for lighting and electrical equipment. As a result, it was found that the design assumptions for the use of equipment for operation in the first explosion hazard zone were not valid for this type of facility. The individual approach allowed the use of lighting fixtures appropriate in legal, technical and economic terms.

EX-type lighting fixtures and accessories

Primary and emergency lighting fixtures for explosion hazard zones 2 and 22, cable glands, caps and EX-type breakers were provided as part of the order. Fixtures with a high degree of protection IP 66 were used. Energy-efficient LED technology ensures a long service life without the need for servicing.

The cable glands supplied are of high quality material with high resistance to various chemicals. They are dedicated to difficult operating conditions.

The correct selection of equipment to be used in explosion hazard zones is extremely important for the safety of the installation. Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are used in chemical laboratories, oil rigs, paint shops, warehouses, petrochemical plants or sewage treatment plants precisely.

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