Several hundred light fixtures for one of the major manufacturers of chemical materials

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For one of the major manufacturers of chemical materials the WOLFF GROUP will deliver several hundred pieces of emergency and primary lighting, which will be used to illuminate escape routes, open zones and high risk zones.

The contract concerned the installation of the lighting of the central warehouse, which accommodates a spherical tank used for storing toxic and explosive chemical. With the access platform and the staircase it constitutes Ex zone 2.

The solutions applied will include fluorescent lighting series nLLK, EXIT and floodlights NFMV. nLLK light fixtures will in part function as primary lighting and partially both as primary and emergency lighting. These light fixtures provide primary lighting of 200 lx and emergency lighting from 5 lx to 60 lx. The central battery system ZB-S monitors and controls each emergency light fixture. A considerable installation distance from the CB cabinet made it necessary to use at least 6 mm2 power cables and connect no more than 8 light fixtures per circuit.

EXIT light fixtures are specially designed for marking escape routes and exits in hazardous areas. The light source in these fixtures are only white, energy-efficient LEDs.

The fixtures are certified by Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection (CNBOP).

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