Why do customers choose us?

Why do customers choose us?

We take care of the details.


How else does a fire system upgrade on an active plant differ from an investment in new buildings? These are, first and foremost, any requirements related to the owner’s internal procedures within the production building or the plant as a whole. Our site managers and fitters are used to meticulous safety procedures, weighing cars at the entrance and exit of the plant, the need to have all the necessary passes and regular contact with the client’s representatives, hygiene requirements especially in food production, or having a valid SANEPID (in Poland: health department) booklet also in the food industry.

Advice on how to prepare a plant for the start of work


We realise that for you such a fire installation upgrade is also a challenge. It is highly likely that no changes have been made to fire protection since the construction of the production halls or the warehouse. Due to that we also provide advice, based on our previous implementations, on how to prepare the production facility and crew for such work. We are at your disposal at all times, so that you always have the feeling that everything is running according to schedule, with no impact on production and storage processes

We will advise you on how to prepare your plant for fire protection investments

We operate to all standards and norms.


In our experience, the majority of investments in upgrading fire protection systems and installations start after the insurer’s audit. The requirements of an insurance company which apply to fire protection investments usually explicitly state the standards and/or norms to which the required solutions are to be designed and constructed. These could be requirements listed in the EN standard, or VdS, FM Global or NFPA standards. Whatever the requirements your insurer has outlined for you, we will meet them all.

fire safety standards and norms