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We have made another supply of earthing systems to our long-standing customer that manufactures packaging, mainly for the food industry.

On a new machine with twelve printing stands simple stainless-steel clamps will mainly be provided to earth the metal drums with paint. The sharp teeth of the clamps will ensure effective penetration through the paint coat present on the drums.

Moreover, the solvents dosing station will be provided with battery supplied system to currently monitor the state of the earthing. The system consists of a monitoring unit, a spiral earthing conductor and a clamp.

The applied earthing will ensure safe drainage of electrostatic charge from the conducting engineering equipment, which will exclude the possibility of hazardous discharge occurrence.

It must be remembered that the earthing of the system elements must be applied before starting the mixing, pouring, tipping or similar processes. If made during the engineering processes, bringing the earthed conductor close to a drum wall which might have already been charged may lead to spark-over.

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