Supply of HRD explosion protection systems for securing the particle board forming installation


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For one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe, the WOLFF GROUP has supplied explosion protection in the form of HRD explosion insulation (decoupling) systems.

The risk of creating a dust-based explosive atmosphere in the plant is related to the presence of wood dust. HRD systems were applied to the new particle board forming plant, which is being built to manufacture furniture boards for the company’s own use.

Individual devices such as silos, filters, cyclones, filter-cyclones and screens were protected by explosion venting systems. Transport systems, i.e. on the pipeline, transfer stations and scraper conveyors were provided with HRD insulation systems, which introduce damping powder into the transport system within several dozen milliseconds after the detection of the explosion. This results in stopping the explosion wave and extinguishing the flame. Thanks to this solution, both the devices and the entire plant are now protected against the effects of a possible explosion and its propagation.

The project was implemented to a “turn-key” standard – the WOLFF GROUP carried out the following works:

  • design,
  • supply of systems,
  • electrical and mechanical pre-installation works,
  • installation,
  • startup and commissioning together with as-built documentation,
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

In the last few months, there were several occurrences of explosions and fires in the wood industry. It is, therefore, recommended that the manufacturers pay attention to the problem resulting from the presence of combustible dusts and take appropriate measures to protect not only the production plants but also the health and lives of their employees.


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We will answer questions about: offer, technical specification, delivery, assembly.

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