Supply of a toxic substances concentration detection sensor

For a construction plastics manufacturer, the WOLFF GROUP will supply the CHEMGARD-IR detector which will be used to measure the concentration of trichloroethylene for MAC (maximum allowable concentration) and the LEL (lower explosiveness limit) in the area of the system located within the plant.

For the customer, it was important to be provided with a comprehensive solution in the form of one reliable piece of equipment. The problematic medium and measurement in two ranges resulted in the need of frequent calibrations and replacements of the detectors previously used by our customer. Thanks to the application of the CHEMGARD-IR sensor, the measurement of the concentrations will be possible for both ranges simultaneously – this will eliminate the need to apply a larger number of equipment for testing and calibration. One of the important benefits of the solution is its life expectancy – resulting in lower operation and replacements costs.

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