Supply of flame arresters to a modernised hydrogen cylinders discharge station

As part of the modernisation involving the replacement of flame arresters and other equipment in one of the CHP plants, the WOLFF GROUP supplied the end deflagration flame arresters as well as double-direction tubular explosion flame arresters.

The modernisation is carried out at a hydrogen cylinders discharge station. The supplied flame arresters are certified up to the IIC explosiveness group.

A flame arrester is a passive method of explosion protection without any moving parts. The essential part of any flame arrester is the flame suppression insert. It includes a metal enclosure with a matrix of triangular openings with guaranteed homogeneity. This is extremely important, as all the industrial gases are characterised by their MESG – Maximum Experimental Safe Gap parameters, determined experimentally on a testing station.

The body of the supplied arresters is made of carbon steel and the internal elements – of stainless steel. The diameter of the flame filter in the supplied arresters is DN100. The maximum operating pressure is 1.1 bar.

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