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Dust sensor

The dust sensor is designed to measure the total concentration of suspended particles in airflows with velocities >3ms inside conductive pipes and ducts. The dust measuring device is virtually maintenance-free, and its probe is placed directly at the measuring point making it unnecessary to take air samples and test them in a separate room. This all adds to the accuracy of the measurement, but also to low-cost operation.

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Room dust sensor

The sensor continuously measures dust in production areas, including explosion hazardous areas (ATEX certified). Thanks to the built-in autostart function, as well as the light indication function, the device can operate completely independent of external systems (simply plugged into the power supply). For more demanding users, the sensor provides communication with a PC, control panel or control room. This can be done via cable or wirelessly. The free software allows you to manage many different sensors from one place.

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ATEX Dust detector

The ATEX dust meter is designed for use in harsh industrial environments (including explosive atmospheres) to monitor dust levels in ducts and pipelines. It is most often installed on the clean side of the filters and is used to monitor the correct functioning of the dust extraction units. This allows damage to the filter bags to be detected immediately

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