Tag: Safety

Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

The spark detection and extinguishing system is designed to stop ignition sources from getting into areas at risk of dust explosion, such as silos or dust filters. Extremely fast and sensitive spark detectors detect ignition sources within a millisecond and then start extinguishing with a small amount of water. The extinguishing process usually lasts 5 seconds and stops automatically after which the system automatically switches to normal operation mode.

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Electrostatic Earthing

Electrostatic earthing systems reduce the risk of explosion of inflammable substances as a result of electrostatic flash-over. They are applied during transport and processing of inflammable gases, liquids and powders. Simple earthing systems consists of a conductor and an earthing clamp, more advanced ones have an earthing state control system that allows for transport/dosing of product only when the earthing has been properly connected. Earthing systems are usually applied for loading/unloading road and railway tankers, drums, tanks, big-bags, process plant elements, etc.

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