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The sifting efficiency of this equipment, even when used with very fine powders like limestone dust, is so high that we have successfully substituted it for an air separator in one of the plants. We are looking for companies willing to challenge the status quo at their production facility and would like to test the efficiency of sifting of their product with our machine.

Bartosz Wolff

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Hello, my name is Bartosz. This may sound unbelievable, but I can tell you, with a high degree of probability, that the process of segregation of bulk materials at your plant can be conducted in a more efficient manner. This means a higher purity product, the ability to obtain more fractions, recover the product from the waste as well as fewer problems with sifter or separator clogging. The above claim is based on our previous implementations for our clients, which translated into increased profits and improved profitability. Please find below the results of two completed projects.

We managed to increase sifting efficiency by 300%

We managed to reduce
power consumption by a factor of three.

We managed to drastically reduce downtimes.

We eliminated the need to use an expensive dust removal system.

We achieved 95% purity of a very fine product.

Which product

can I test?

VFE® sifters are designed for separating dry and wet products on screens with a mesh size ranging from 36 µm to 30 mm. The equipment can be used for sifting very fine fractions (50-200 µm). The sifters come in three sizes with capacity of up to 100 tons. The capacity can be increased by installing several devices.

  • Do you have another product? Not a problem, we will also test it. Please contact us, we can arrange the details.

What kind of sifter will be used for testing?

The sifter features a patented vibration system. The system guarantees high performance parameters (in terms of capacity and purity) while maintaining energy consumption at a very low level – depending on its size and capacity, its power draw is equivalent to that of one or two electric kettles. Its most important advantages include high purity of the final product as well as the possibility of sifting products with a tendency to clog screens, such as moist and very fine products  (the sifter offers product separation even at the 36 µm limit).

Key benefits

  • Suitable for sifting wet products and very fine products with a fraction of 50-200 µm
  • Improved profitability of the sifting process: production of new, previously unattainable fractions, increased purity of currently produced fractions, recovery of product from waste material
  • No clogging effect on the screens, self-cleaning properties
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple use and maintenance
  • Vibrations are not transferred onto the supporting structure
  • Easy installation
  • Very quick and easy installation of screens without stretching

The most important parameters of our sifter


0,5 – 100 t/h

Mesh size

36 μm – 30 mm

Number of fractions

2 – 4

Deck area

1 – 14,4 m2


1 – 4,5 kw


yes (for zone 22)

Vibration amplifier

We use two small motors with unbalanced weight to power the sifter. The motors cause the frame with the sifting decks to vibrate, with the frame positioned on mechanical vibration amplifiers. The amplifiers, which are a combination of elastomer and metal, are the secret to effective sifting. They cause the screens to vibrate chaotically with high acceleration. This ensures a very precise and efficient sifting without clogging the screens.

Free tests? But how?

We will conduct sifting tests with the product of your choice free of charge and with no commitment on your part.
This is possible because it is a win-win situation.

You, depending on the purpose of the tests, will learn if it is possible to obtain a higher purity product, if it is possible to sift an extra, previously unattainable fraction, if it is possible to recover product from the waste material and if you can eliminate the problem related to the clogging of the screens.

At the same time, by applying, you are contributing to the WOLF GROUP research into the development of sifting equipment. By the same token, it is likely that in the future we will be able to offer tests of even more efficient equipment.

What other arguments do you need to apply for
free testing?

  • the use of two counter-rotating low-power unbalanced motors (machine body vibrations with the amplitude ranging from 0.5 to 1 mm), combined with patented elastomer VFE® inductors, ensures chaotic frequency of vibrations of the sifting screens.
  • the loose assembly of the sifting screen, which, through the use of special inductors and due to the chaotic vibrations, reaches the local amplitude of 3-6 mm and high acceleration values; this improves the self-cleaning properties of the sifter by ensuring continuous self-cleaning of the screens (and thus prevents clogging of the screens).
  • very high product sifting accuracy thanks to uncoordinated, high-frequency vibrations at very low motor power – unattainable with other types of sifters without the use of expensive systems supporting the sifting process and screen cleaning (e.g. ultrasounds).
  • low electric power consumption
  • no dynamic loads transferred to the hall structure
  • suitable for sifting both dry and wet products
  • simple operation and maintenance (screen fabric can be replaced very quickly)
  • the use of a simple vibrating distribution chute at the inlet of the sifter guarantees an even distribution of the product
  • totally dust-tight
  • the option to install several units together to increase the total capacity
  • the option to install several decks in order to sift several fractions simultaneously
  • delivery of a complete sifting installation including intake, storage and feeding system for transporting the product onto the sifter with conveyors and dust removal systems
  • ex version (motors, earthing) for zone 22 according to the ATEX directive
  • version designed for use in the food industry

Vibration sifters – intended use

Vibration sifters are designed for separation of dry and wet products with grain size ranging from 50 microns to 30 mm. The equipment can be easily used for sifting very fine fractions (50-200 µm). The sifters come in three sizes with capacity of up to 40 tons. It is possible to increase the capacity by installing several devices in one unit. Vibration sifters are perfectly suitable for sifting both dry and wet products with a tendency to clog the screens.

Application of vibration sifters by industry:

  • food industry
  • mineral industry
  • construction material industry
  • paint production
  • fertiliser production
  • power industry
  • recycling (small fractions)

Application of vibration sifters by product:

  • sugar (including removal of dust from the specific fraction)
  • salt
  • limestone powder
  • gypsum
  • quartz sand
  • felspar
  • dry clay
  • cement
  • drywalls
  • putty fillers
  • paint pigments
  • calcite
  • perlite (volcanic glass)
  • wet products: clay, coal, sand
Vibration sifters-sand
Vibration sifters
Vibration sifters-pigment

  Designing installations for bulk materials

Depending on the investor’s needs, we are able to provide a single device, as well as design and then build a complete installation for bulk materials. In addition, we design and production dedusting and central vacuum systems (including those for explosive dust).

  Explosion safety

Due to over 25 years of experience in the field of explosion safety, if installation will process flammable or explosive dusts, we are able to make appropriate systems to protect against the effects of an explosion and studies required by law (including explosion risk assessment, determining of explosion hazard zones, explosion protection document).

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