“Turn-key” works within a project for one of the largest producers of sugar

GRUPA WOLFF will deliver a number of installations in the “turn-key” system to one of the largest producers of sugar in Europe:

  1. Screening system for sugar lumps separation in the ATEX version (for operation in explosion hazard zone 22)

Within this task, the WOLFF GROUP’s Design Office specified the type and selection criteria for the screening device. The engineers will design the structure for the screen. The applied equipment will be used to screen sugar lumps – large agglomerations of the transported medium. The equipment is a so-called control screen. Its purpose is to separate undesired inclusions / irregular product fractions (it will not be used to spread the product). The selected screen (more >>) is equipped with meshes which are vibrated with the entire structure by two large vibration motors. The have a dense, compact construction and provide high work efficiency as well as durability. In addition to the technical advantages, the screen also provides other benefits, such as production reliability and long life expectancy. A similar device has been in operation at similar production plants for several years, without failures. As part of the order, our engineers will also provide support in the scope of supervision over the equipment production and installation.

  1. Central vacuum system, including a stationary suction and filtration unit with a cyclone filter with the efficiency of 900 m3/h, used to clean the dust settled on floors, other flat surfaces, building structure, equipment for the technical building and the silo as well as the pipelines. See more information about central vacuums >>

Industrial systems, as well as equipment, such as a cyclone filter, containing combustible dusts which form explosive atmospheres with air, will be protected against explosion with:

  • an explosion venting system (decompression panels – in normal working conditions, full tightness of the system will be maintained, regardless of the operation of the filtration inserts cleaning system; if an explosion occurs inside the unit, the panels will open to vent the explosion),
  • a back-pressure flap for the protection of the pipeline, preventing the effects of the explosion to propagate through the channel system into the plant.
  1. Three installations for extracting the dust generated at sugar production as secured at clean air returns with the HRD system to protect installations against flashback

Silo chamber dust extraction system with a filtration unit in the form of a bag filter. The explosion protection of the filtration unit will consist of decompression panels located on the unit wall, above the filtration cone. Due to the fact that the filtration unit will be installed indoors, the effects of a potential explosion will be vented to the outside through decompression ducts. A rotary batcher will provide protection on the dumping hopper discharge. The “dirty” air pipeline will be protected against explosion travelling back to the working stations using a back-pressure flap.

Dust extraction system for the transfer stations in the silo room (sub-silo chamber) and the explosion protection system as described above.

Dust extraction system for the sugar transfer stations in the technical building (sugar cars loading station) protected with a decompression panel and a back-pressure flap on the “dirty” pipeline.

More information about the dust extraction system >>

  1. The ventilation and air conditioning system for the silo chamber and others (air for sugar conditioning will be blown in to the silo chamber) and the ventilation systems for the sugar transfer stations in the silo building (sub-silo chamber), technical building (sugar cars loading station), filter rooms (roof fan) as well as the staff facilities and other technical spaces. More >>
  1. Compressed air system, supplying the process equipment in the new and the existing sugar silo.
  1. Chilled water installation for conditioning air

In the chilled water installation intended for conditioning air, the source of chilly water will be an external chilled water unit with two cooling circuits, air-cooled condenser, buffer tank and a complete protection & control automation system with remote temperature control.

  1. Explosion protection for 2 bucket feeders, intermediate sugar tank based on the HRD explosion suppression systems with pre-installation works and commissioning. More information about the explosion protection systems >>

The entire project was entrusted to the WOLFF GROUP in the scope of: production, delivery, installation and commissioning of the aforementioned process systems for the new silo, together with technical consulting and parts of engineering design works.

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