What can be the consequences of malt dust explosion? Photo account from a symposium on the best practices and solutions in explosion and process safety in brewing industry

Within the programme carried out by WOLFF GROUP intended to spread the knowledge of explosion safety, on 29 November a symposium on explosion and process safety in brewing industry was held in Kraków. The purpose of the training symposium was to present the best practices and solutions in explosion and process safety. The participants were able to extend their knowledge of, among other things, the legal requirements for explosion safety as well as hazards posed by the presence of dusts, gases and vapours in the production process.

Within the framework of the symposium a demonstration of explosions with the use of malt dust was made at the nearby testing ground. Even slight snow and low temperature did not prevent the event.

The demonstration was a unique occasion for the participants to see whether malt dust is explosive and if so, what can be the consequences of the dust explosion and how to prevent explosion.

How was the symposium received?

“The training was highly successful compared to the other ones in which I had participated. The training helped to understand the interdependence with regard to EX zones between the systems users and the companies manufacturing engineering equipment or safety systems. Most often I attended training courses discussing the ATEX directive with slight references to the real problems resulting from the currently applied and available technologies or techniques. For a system user it is of crucial importance to be able to safely steer among the technology and techniques in compliance with law”, said participant Janusz Wojciechowski, Production Manager at KOMPANIA PIWOWARSKA SA, to summarise the symposium.

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Symposium – the best practices and solutions in explosion and process safety.


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