Reactor post-carbonisation dust suction set for a thermal waste decomposition system

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Commissioned by a dynamically growing manufacturer and supplier of innovative machines and devices for utilisation of waste tyres and plastics, the WOLFF GROUP will perform a turnkey contract the subject of which is a reactor post-carbonisation dust suction set for a thermal waste decomposition system.

On account of flammability of the dust extracted, the equipment will be furnished with explosion prevention systems necessary under similar conditions. By that means, compliance with basic requirements of the ATEX directive will be ensured.

The aforementioned post-carbonisation dust suction set comprises:

  • filtering cyclone along with a load-bearing structure,
  • suction blowing fan in a sound absorbing enclosure,
  • star feeder and return flap performing explosion isolation functions,
  • explosion safeguards (flameless explosion isolation system),
  • magnetic separator in the ATEX version,
  • suction tubing,
  • pressure tubing.

Thermal rubber waste decomposition technology

The process of thermolysis performed in a thermal rubber waste decomposition system takes place in a horizontal reactor, and it consists in heating up waste material up to temperatures of 340÷400°C, the outcome of which is the release of organic components of the waste in either gaseous or solid form. In subsequent stages of the process, gaseous fuels, oily products, steel scrap and carbon compounds such as char are obtained. Chars, i.e. carbonisation products, contain ca. 40% of unburnt coal which conforms with neither EU standards nor Polish legal regulations, and therefore it is not suitable for storage without thermal reprocessing. In order to free the reactor of the remaining char, it is removed by means of a dedicated industrial vacuum cleaner, then to be stored in sacks known as big bags.

The contract covers the following:

  • delivery of equipment, consumables and system components comprising the post-carbonisation dust suction set,
  • installation and commissioning.

SCOPE OF WORKS: delivery, installation, commissioning

LOKALIZACJA: Poland, Mazowieckie Province

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