Make-up - the story of Max Factor. In 1909, Polish immigrant Max Factor, actually Maksymilian Faktorowicz, born on 15 September 1872 in Zduńska Wola, established the brand that soon became one of the most significant in the history of beauty. At the turn of the twentieth century, cosmetics were not easy to apply. Along with the blossoming of the first silent films, Max Factor spread his wings thanks to the invention of the washable foundation make-up for film actors and the use of tubes for storing cosmetics, which gave him the ease and lightness of the work on the film set. The essence of Max's success in the field of film make-up was the awareness of the slight difference between the colour sensitivity of the film emulsion (black-white emulsion and colour emulsion) and the colour sensitivity of the human eye. Thanks to precisely selected colours of lipsticks and powders, faces of actors and actresses looked more naturally on the screen. 1930 was the revolutionary year for the whole cosmetics industry. Along with the improvement of the quality of black-and-white film, the need for matting the actor skin arose. When the first colour film was shown, Max and his son Frank developed "Pan-cake" cosmetic, i.e. the powder compact. It was one of the first cosmetics in convenient and easily portable package. In the same year, the first lip gloss in the history of cosmetics was created in order to improve the look of actresses' lips on the screen. The cosmetic was available in the first place only for actresses. However, the interest in the cosmetic was so great that two years later it was launched to the market under the name of: "X-rated". Nail lacquer was another challenge. Max created a tinted powder, which emphasized the natural pink shade of nails, and white enamel to be applied to nail tips. The first concept of the French manicure was created in this way. At his son's prompting, Max gave one general name to all his cosmetics: "make-up". An interesting fact, which add colour to his biography, is that he also got an Oscar for make-up in 1929.