Always TOGETHER for success

The WOLFF GROUP is a Polish company, advancing our nation’s industry for more than 20 years. We provide technologies and production safety in all major industries – from power and timber to chemical and food. We have successfully implemented thousands of projects over the years. It has not always been as smooth as we would have wished – we are just people, after all - it’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes. We have, however, never left a partner in need. We always strive for success TOGETHER.

Bartosz Wolff
Chairman of the Board



or what we are working on

Engineers of WOLFF GROUP take new challenges each day. They carry out the tasks that are decisive for the performance, reliability and above all, the safety of industrial plants. And though it is not possible to describe all the projects implemented by us, those that we are particularly proud of will be presented here.

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or what happens in the company

WOLFF GROUP is an organism made up of people. These people form a community with mutual interactions, they are engaged in brainstorming and generating ideas. Implemented ideas are important events in the community’s life. The history of our company is certainly crowded with such events. This is exactly the place where we present latest news about events in the life of our company. Some of them are important, some other just interesting or funny. Sure enough, each of them will allow you to get to know us better.

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The HAZEX Conference,
or explosive safety at your fingertips

WOLFF GROUP is the organiser of the International HAZEX Conference on explosive and process safety in industry. The Conference is participated by ca. 200 people from major industrial plants in Poland. During the Conference, explosion tests are performed and effectiveness of explosion protection systems is examined.


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Express Przemysłowy,
or a magazine for people curious about life

Express is a magazine published by WOLFF GROUP, as aimed at promoting Polish innovative projects. It is to inspire and stimulate, but first of all, to demonstrate the Polish ingenuity (“A Pole Can Do It”). And while the core of our magazine is related strictly to industry, we take care not to be confined to that area only. Why? Because “Express” is a magazine for people who are open to the world. For people with inquisitive minds, those who are bored with conventional trade magazines. There are no tight constrictions; an article on almost any subject can be published in “Express”. The only condition is that it must be inspiring.

Express Przemysłowy 13(1)
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more than 20 years of history, the time when the company's mission and vision were taken their shape



Our design office is located in Piekary Śląskie. It is primarily tasked with designing dust extraction and central dust removing systems as well as systems operating in explosive zones.


Our years of experience in the industry allows us to carry out projects involving the production of steel structures and equipment.


Thanks to efficient organisation of our work and minimized subcontracting we are able to ensure strict compliance with delivery dates.


We assemble equipment, instruments and steel structures at the customer’s site. We carry out both mechanical and electrical works.


The delivery to customers is inclusive of commissioning of the purchased equipment. This solution ensures correct and faultless operation of the system.


We offer fast and efficient service maintenance of the machines and equipment delivered. Thus, we ensure their long-term efficient operation.