We are setting off to conquer the world
We start with… Brazil

Twenty hours spent on the plane, backache, fatigue … ­– after a long trip we were extremely excited to stand on the Brazilian soil! Everybody who may think about this country imagines primarily: samba, the carnival in Rio, heavenly beaches, Brazilian football, soap operas and beautiful women. And although the carnival took place a good while ago, we went on this trip for a completely different purpose … We visited Curitiba – the most Polish city in Brazil!

What is this expedition for?

You are probably wondering why we organise this expedition to Brazil. No, it was not a one-time whim:) We were prompted to visit the end of the world by… the opening of a branch of the WOLFF GROUP in Brazil! Are you surprised? You should absolutely not be, as it is well-known that we are characterised by a non-standard way of thinking? This is why we are not blindly following the typical directions of expansion of Polish companies, among which the old continent still dominates with Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our products are nothing less than those produced by local manufacturers, and the years of practice and know-how we have, especially in terms of explosive safety, often outweigh the experience of those companies.

Brazil will be the place where we will complete the first contract for a client from South America! This is another region of the world, right after Europe and the Middle East, where our dust collection system will operate – but we will write about the project itself soon. Today, we will tell you about what we have experienced in this beautiful country.

Do you know that…

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, giving way to Russia, the United States, Canada and China

The name of the country derives from the brasil tree from which the fabric dye was made

Originally Brazil was called Pindorama

Brazilians love to talk – talk a lot ?

What fascinated us in Brazil?

Apart from the hot climate and luxuriant nature, we were impressed by the openness and kindness of the Brazilian people. Thanks to their hospitality one can feel at home there. We visited Curitiba which is the main city inhabited by Polonia in Brazil. It is the capital of the state of Paraná in the south of the country. In our opinion, it is a very charming and well organised city. It is populated by several hundred thousand Brazilians in whose veins the Polish blood flows. Our translator told us about the Polonia population which even today uses old Polish expressions such as “mocium panie”. Children of Polish descent, who are learning Polish language at the school, took part in the competition – we gave them prizes, which we brought from Poland. We also visited the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Curitiba.

Poles came to Brazil as early as colonial times, but these were isolated cases. The real invasion of Poles in Brazil took place in the nineteenth century, when the Brazilian authorities pursued a policy of bringing many Europeans to their country in order to balance the presence of former slaves. Apart from our compatriots, many Germans, Italians, Ukrainians and representatives of other nationalities settled in Brazil. More than 100,000 Poles came to Brazil in the period 1890-1914 – this immigration was said to be “the Brazilian fever”. Poles in Brazil established settlements and engaged in agriculture. This has not changed much until today.

Cult of the dumpling

We learned that the Poles who settled in the south of Brazil introduced all kinds of dumplings to the local menu – they are not the same as those we cook in our homes – in Brazil dumplings are made from the local flour and deep fried. Despite this small difference, the dish originates from the Polish cuisine. The cult of dumplings is present in large areas of Brazil.

“La calma”

What is hard to find in our busy world is the blissful peace of the Brazilian population. Although they are a very dynamic and spontaneous nation, one can get the impression that in their daily lives they follow the slogan “La calma” (“Take it easy”) – we assume they do not know something like a hurry or a deadline, and we must say that we like it in a way :).

Beautiful beaches

Brazil has as many as 8,000 kilometres of coastline and thousands of phenomenal beaches! Brazilians can talk about them for hours. We had the opportunity to visit a few of them – we liked them very much. Golden sand, azure ocean… just a fairy tale!

Feel the Brazilian climate with us!