GHG 9810048 Ex-Safety Switches for Zone 22

GHG 9810048 Ex-Safety Switches for Zone 22
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GHG 9810048 Ex-Safety Switches for Zone 22

Rated current from 25 A – 700 A

The switches are available in 3-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole versions in sizes ranging from 25 A to 400A. The 630 A and 700 A sizes are available in 3-pole or 4-pole versions. On the 25 A through 80 A sizes, they feature full AC-3 switching capacity for squirrel- cage motors during starting or while running per EN 60947-3 Appendix A. This is the most typical industrial application for motors. Sizes 100 A and above feature full AC-23 switching capacity for motor loads or other highly inductive loads per EN60947-3 Appendix A.

Emergency stop versions according to EN 60204-1

Optional emergency stop versions to EN 60204-1 featuring a red handle with a yellow backplate are also available. The additional leading or lagging auxiliary contact guarantees double safety for extreme switching conditions. All switch versions feature an earth terminal. Special features of the safety switches include designs for ease of installation and readily accessible connection terminals. Safety switches rated 160 A and below are available in all 3 material types while those 250 A and above are built into enclosures made of powder- coated sheet steel or electro- polished stainless steel. These enclosures can be fitted with screw-on flanges.

Enclosed Switch-Disconnectors to provide isolation during repair and maintenance

GHG 26 switches (10-160 A) and GHG 981 switches (25 – 80 A) are now confirmed to comply with the new standard IEC 62626-1, requirements Class 1. The new standard IEC 62626-1 defines the requirements for safety switches (switch-disconnectors) that are used to provide isolation of equipment during repair and maintenance. These requirements go above and beyond those of IEC 60947-3, where no standard previously existed. The standard divides products into two classifications: Class 0 for general use and Class 1 for harsh and rough/heavy duty conditions. All products installed in ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas should be rated for Class 1. Class 1 requirements include minimum ratings for mechanical strength, IP protection, tamper resistance, heat/vibration/corrosion resistance, switching capacity, and locking capability.

Safety first

Occupational safety always has top priority in any industrial facility. Whenever maintenance, cleaning, or repair work is necessary, it must be possible to safely and reliably isolate machines and installations from the electrical power supply. Safety switches are the most widely used and cost effective isolation method available. However, not all isolator switches are created equal. If safety switches that meet the requirements of the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (BG RCI) are used, time-consuming measures (e.g. the complete disconnection of motors) can be eliminated. Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series GHG981 safety switches meet these standards. In addition, the GHG981 safety switches have been approved for use in zone 22 areas containing explosive dust. With the built-in padlocking facilities, they can be used as a load break switch with full confidence they will provide the required safety and personnel protection.

Ready for harsh environments

The enclosures for our GHG 981 safety switches are designed with IP66 environmental protection and are available in powder-coated sheet steel, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), or electro-polished stainless steel. They are impact resistant and robust, corrosion-resistant, and are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments with extreme ambient temperatures from -55 °C to +55 °C.

Lock-out/tag-out capability

All GHG981 safety switches come with built-in lock-out/tag-out capability and can be locked in the “OFF” position by means of max. 3 padlocks. While switched to the “OFF” position, the enclosure covers of safety switches cannot be opened without destroying the enclosure. This provides an extra level of safety as it prevents access to a switch locked in the “OFF” position, eliminating any risk of tampering with the switch position or electrical connections.

Electrical equipment for use in areas with combustible dust

Combustible dust can be ignited by electrical apparatus in various ways:

  • by apparatus surface temperatures that are higher than the ignition or glow temperature of the respective dust. The temperature at which the dust ignites is dependent on the properties of the dust, on whether it is present in the form of a cloud or deposits, on the thickness of the layer and on the type of heat source
  • by sparks at electrical parts such as switches, contacts, commutators, brushes or similar
  • by the discharge of stored electrostatic energy
  • by radiated energy (e.g. electromagnetic radiation)
  • by magnetic impact or friction sparks or a rise in temperature originating from the apparatus.

To avoid ignition hazards, it is necessary that:

  • the temperature of any surfaces on which dust deposits can form or that can come into contact with a cloud of dust are kept at a temperature that is lower than the limiting temperatures laid down in EN 50028-1-2
  • all parts with electric sparks or with temperatures above the ignition or glow temperature of the dust are built into an enclosure that prevents the ingress of dust in a suitable manner, or
  • the energy of the electric circuits is limited to such a degree, that sparks or temperature that could ignite combustible dust are avoided
  • all other ignition sources are avoided.
  • Approved for use in Zone 22 explosive dust atmospheres and for industrial applications
  • For max. currents from 25A up to 700A
  • AC-3 switching capacity (25A to 80A)
  • AC-23 switching capacity (100A and up)
  • Environmental protection to IP66
  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • Wide temperature range from -55°C to +55°C
  • Can be locked in “OFF” position by max. 3 padlocks
  • GHG 981 (25 A)
  • GHG 981 (40 A)
  • GHG 981 (80 A)
  • GHG 981 (100 A)
  • GHG 981 (160 A)
  • GHG 981 (250 A)
  • GHG 981 (400 A)
  • GHG 981 (630 A)
  • GHG 981 (700 A)

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