OptiLine emergency fixtures for central battery for Ex zones 21, 22, and 2

Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
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OptiLine – emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

for explosion hazard zones: 2, 21, 22

Explosion-proof cable glands for non-armored cables hardo 4

The Ex ATEX LED OptiLine linear fixture, certified for use in gas zones 2 and dust zones 21 and 22, is not only dustproof and resistant to water and UV but also ideal for lighting a variety of industrial and storage spaces. It is effective in many industrial sectors, including petrochemical, chemical, oil, energy, gas, wood, paper, and food, offering significant reductions in total lighting installation costs for investors. It can serve as both a primary lighting fixture and an emergency one, eliminating the need for separate installations.

2in1: Basic & Emergency

2 lengths, 6 powers, 3 diffusers

22 directing lenses

Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

Basic technical data:

Certificates: ATEX, IECEx, CNBOP
ATEX (dust): II 2 D
ATEX (gas): II 3 G
IECEx (dust): Ex tb IIIC T70oC Db
IECEx (gas): Ex ec mc IIC T4 Gc

Material of enclosure: GRP
Material of diffuser: UV stabilized PC (Polycarbonate)
Impact resistance: HIGH (acc. to EN IEC 60079-0)
IP: IP66/IP67
Fixture lenght: 670 / 1276 mm

CRI: >80 (optional >70 and >90)
Ambient temperature: from 30oC to +40oC
Color temperature: 4000K (3000K or 5000K)
Number of cable glands: up to 4
Cable gland size: M20 and M25

Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

All parameters were measured at a temperature of 25°C, a color temperature of 4000K, CRI >80. Tolerance for the value of light flux +/-5%. Power tolerance +/-5%. The table presents fixtures with a transparent diffuser (KT) – light values and efficiency of the complete fixture will differ for fixtures with frosted and opal diffusers. imensions are given considering the mounting with a D18 ceiling bracket. Other mounting systems are also available.

Product typeFluminous
flux [lm]
Power [W]Whole fixture efficacy [lm/W]Flux emergency
power [lm]
Ambient temperature [oC]Approximate weight [kg]Dimension L [mm]Dimension L1 [mm]Dimension B [mm]Dimension B1 [mm]Dimension H [mm]
OptiLine 60-1****** CBX KT348521,401631650-30 ÷ +503,60670400173157119
OptiLine 60-2****** CBX KT442226,101692150-30 ÷ +503,60670400173157119
OptiLine 60-3****** CBX KT518230,901682650-30 ÷ +503,60670400173157119
OptiLine 60-1****** CBY KT348521,401631650-30 ÷ +503,65670400173157119
OptiLine 60-2****** CBY KT442226,101692150-30 ÷ +503,65670400173157119
OptiLine 60-3****** CBY KT518230,901682650-30 ÷ +503,65670400173157119
OptiLine 12-1****** CBX KT673939,501713270-30 ÷ +505,951276800173157119
OptiLine 12-2****** CBX KT866549,501754100-30 ÷ +505,951276800173157119
OptiLine 12-3****** CBX KT1034259,001755150-30 ÷ +505,951276800173157119
OptiLine 12-1****** CBY KT673939,501713270-30 ÷ +506,001276800173157119
OptiLine 12-2****** CBY KT866549,501754100-30 ÷ +506,001276800173157119
OptiLine 12-3****** CBY KT1034259,001755150-30 ÷ +506,001276800173157119
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex emergency lighting fixtures with a microinverter

How do we reduce the costs of lighting installation?

We established HARDO as an independent company based on the over 20 years of experience of the WOLFF GROUP in providing and designing lighting fixtures for explosion hazard zones, to address all the main market challenges that ultimately raise the purchase and installation costs of lighting installations for investors.

From the beginning of constructing OptiLine fixtures, we focused on eliminating all the issues that previously arose during the design and installation of lighting fixtures. Solutions to two of these problems can be seen in the animations below.

No junction boxes, fewer cables

We enabled through-wiring of fixtures. You no longer have to buy expensive Ex junction boxes. You’ll also use fewer cables and cable trays.

Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery
Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

Directional lenses, with which you can change the light direction without changing the fixture

Thanks to directional lenses, we eliminated many additional costs that appeared during installation and later operation. Previously, when you needed to illuminate critical areas such as switches, valves, extinguishers, etc., you often had to figure out the right way to mount the lamp. So you incurred the cost of additional, non-standard materials and the cost of additional labor for the installer. Thanks to directional lenses, you simply change the direction of light without these works and materials. Simple, right? And when you change the position of these points during operation, you only change the lenses, not the whole lamps.

Wide range of luminous power and impressive efficiency of ATEX OptiLine fixtures

Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

The ATEX OptiLine lighting fixture is characterized by extraordinary versatility and high efficiency, offering a wide range of luminous power. Available in two lengths – 600 mm and 1270 mm, with three power variants for each and three types of diffusers to choose from, it creates a total of 18 configurations of basic fixtures.

  • basic light streams from 2931 lm to 10342 lm,
  • emergency light streams from 1400 lm to 5150 lm,
  • high efficiency of complete fixtures from 137 lm/W to 175 lm/W guarantees energy efficiency and reduction of operational costs.

Not so obvious, but changing reality competitive advantages

Fixtures in versions: transparent, frosted, and opal

The versatility of the OptiLine fixture is expressed not only in the possibility of using it as both primary and emergency lighting. Versatility additionally means the option to choose from three types of diffusers, each intended for a different type of application, taking into account the lighting needs of explosion hazard zones inside and outside industrial and storage buildings.

OptiLine basic lighting fixtures ATEX

Transparent diffuser

The transparent diffuser is perfect for external lighting and lighting large interiors, providing high luminous power

  • Highest light streams – up to 10342 lm
  • Highest flexibility – in this case, you can use 22 directing lenses
OptiLine lighting fixtures ATEX

Frosted diffuser

The frosted diffuser provides the ideal balance between the need for a high light stream and eliminating the risk of glare.

  • Light streams up to 9981 lm without glare
  • Gently diffused light
OptiLine lighting fixtures ATEX

Opal diffuser

The opal diffuser is an excellent choice for interiors where the priority is diffused, comfortable light.

  • Light streams up to 8747 lm without glare
  • Perfect for interiors
OptiLine lighting fixtures ATEX 12

Innovative solution with glands and power connectors

The Ex OptiLine fixture stands out for its innovative cabling. It includes two easily accessible power connectors located on both ends, and its body can accommodate up to four M20 or M25 cable glands. Such a design allows for significant cost reductions by eliminating expensive Ex junction boxes and reducing the use of cables and cable trays. Unlike many fixtures that are limited to a single gland, OptiLine enables simpler and cheaper mounting solutions, especially in situations requiring the installation of many fixtures.

Want to use flame-retardant cables or those with larger cross-sections of wires? No problem!

The OptiLine fixture allows for the use of M25 cable glands. This solution allows for the use of cables with larger cross-sections, which is extremely important in situations where high temperature resistance is required, as in emergency lighting. A larger diameter of glands also provides greater freedom in choosing cable manufacturers and allows for the use of thicker and safer wires, which is key in limiting voltage drops.

From an installer’s perspective: safe and quick installation

Ex ATEX emergency lighting fixtures powered by a central battery

This modern lighting fixture offers unique solutions for quick and safe installation without the risk of losing loose parts. The spacious interior design facilitates power connection, and hand-unscrewable captive screws provide easy access to electronics. Hinges in the diffuser and the plate with the LED module ensure that they stay in place during work, eliminating the risk of falling. Additionally, all elements are solidly connected, increasing the durability and safety of the product.

About the manufacturer of fixtures – HARDO company

Polish company

The only 100% Polish producer involved in both lighting and electrotechnics in an explosion-proof execution.

From practitioners to practitioners

HARDO lighting fixtures and other products were created as a result of hundreds of hours spent talking to designers, installers, and end-users.

Key values: high availability, competitive price

The production plant and warehouse located in Poland allow for maintaining constant availability of fixtures, which affects not only the price but also the speed of order execution.

Ex lighting – offer

Industrial Lighting

We specialize in industrial lighting, with a particular focus on facilities where there is: dust, corrosive atmosphere, explosion and fire hazards.


Ex-Ceiling pendant light fittings and floodlights

Mainly used in explosion-hazard areas, in both land and marine installations, in storage buildings, production halls, and chemical industry facilities.

Ex-linear light fittings

They are made of high-quality plastic with excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to chemicals.

Ex LED lighting

Our light fittings combines the latest LED technology with the protection of a reliable housing solution. As a result, they are the ideal solution for lighting tasks in harsh and hazardous environments.

Ex-escape sign luminaires ATEX

Ex-Signal and escape sign luminaires

The EXIT series of explosion-protected escape sign lumi­naires fulfils the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and EN 60598, Section 2.22 for emergency lighting lumi­naires. The luminaires are suited for marking escape routes and exits in hazardous areas.

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