The biggest contract in Poland to build a central vacuum cleaning installation for the energy sector

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At the beginning of 2016, WOLFF GROUP was commissioned to exchange and expand several systems of central vacuum cleaning for an important customer in the energy sector. It is worth mentioning that due to such a large total blower power, this is the biggest order concerning central vacuum cleaning systems in Poland.

Thanks to the experience gained with previous investments and the knowledge of the sector specificity, WOLFF GROUP has offered the customer to perform the installation in the “turn-key” system.

The activities covered by the contract will include:

  • disassembly of old elements of the central vacuum cleaning installation and the wiring system,
  • supply and assembly of new elements of the vacuum cleaning installation, i.e. aggregates with filter cyclones, pipelines, support and suspension structures, etc.
  • performance of a wiring system, compensation of potential and electrostatic earthing,
  • preparation of required technical documentation and operating manuals,
  • performance of functional trials of the installation and start-up.

In order to fully unify the supplied equipment and devices, particular systems of central vacuum cleaning will be operating on modern TFCP bag filter cyclone produced by WOLFF GROUP. Due to requirements regarding installation performance, the filtration area of the offered filter cyclones will be above 30 m2 and the cyclones will be equipped with automatic systems of filter bag cleaning.

TFCP filter cyclones will work with partial vacuum aggregates of 50 kPa working pressure and 3000 m3/h performance. The aggregates will be equipped with vacuum sensors, soundproof and waterproof casings and outlet air silencers with compensators. The piping system connected to the filter cyclones will consist of steel pipes and wear-resistant elbows with anti-corrosive zinc plating. Due to limited space and potential collisions with other devices and installations, vacuum cleaning pipes will be arranged in a possibly simple and symmetrical system of installation wires.

The contract also covers performing installation of power supply and control of vacuum systems and potential compensation. The supplied switchgear, as well as the drive and control systems will meet all the stringent requirements of the energy industry, and the new electrical enclosures will be performed with regard to high degree protection.

The investment was obtained following a public tender which lasted over 1.5 year. This is also the reason why winning such a big contract is so satisfying.

SCOPE OF WORKS: exchange and expand several systems of central vacuum cleaning for an important customer in the energy sector

LOCATION: Poland, Lower Silesia Province

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