Bursting discs for a newly built power plant in the Philippines

For one of the energy companies, WOLFF GROUP has completed the delivery of the next batch of BT-ODV-FSA-24 DN 600 bursting discs. The bursting discs will be used for the newly constructed 340 MW coal power plant in the Philippines.

The bursting discs are made entirely of a special type of stainless steel, Inconel, a material characterized by high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength at elevated temperature. The three-layer bursting disc is mounted between the flanges. At a temperature of 120ºC, minimum burst pressure is 0.29 bar g, whereas the maximum 0.43 bar g.

This is another of a series of deliveries we have completed for our client in the past months.

SCOPE OF WORKS: supply of bursting disc for  a newly built power plant in the Philippines

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