Comprehensive adjustment of the production facility to the requirements of explosion and process safety conditions

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Under the contract with the leading European manufacturer of bathroom fittings, WOLFF GROUP conducts comprehensive activities aimed at adjusting the production facility to the explosion and process safety requirements.

In the production process, the investor uses, among others, polyester resins which release flammable and explosive styrene fumes (styrene ignition temperature under normal conditions is 31°C). Inhalation of styrene may also have a negative impact on human health and well-being. It causes, among others, eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation, and in extreme cases it may lead to damage of organs or death. Therefore, it was necessary to take appropriate measures aiming to eliminate those threats.

The applied technology requires wash basins, bathtubs and shower trays to be grinded at the final stage of production. As a result, a huge amount of dust is created which, on the one hand, leads to inability to keep the facility clean and on the other hand, creates a risk of explosion, as was proved by relevant tests (dust explosion parameters tests).

Explosion risk within the said plant may also be a result of the presence of acetone which is used as a cleaner. However, this threat is respectively lower than in the previous cases, mainly due to the relatively small amount of this substance in the production hall.

Due to the wide scope of the problems occurring at the plant, WOLLF GROUP engineers suggested to draw up the Explosion Safety Document first. This document, delivered by ATEX company, precisely indicated those installation points which need to be improved in the first place. The implementation of the suggestions specified in the Explosion Safety Document will allow to achieve a proper level of explosion safety at the plant.

Under the Explosion Safety Document, WOLFF GROUP will:

  • draw up design documentation (detailed design) aiming to adjust the industrial ventilation of paint shops, grinderies, dust extraction installations for grinding machinery as well as for central vacuum cleaning system installation to the requirements of ATEX Directive,
  • select, supply, install and subsequently launch the above-mentioned installations in compliance with the design. Due to the flammable and explosive character of the liquids and gases arising in the process of implementation of these installations, all devices used will meet the previously developed guidelines.

SCOPE OF WORKS: comprehensive works aiming to adjust the plant to meet explosion and process safety requirements

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