Comprehensive Explosion Protection of Newly Delivered Bulk Food Product Acceptance and Storage Line


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In mid-September, one of the largest food companies inquired WOLFF GROUP for an offer for a comprehensive explosion protection of a newly delivered line for acceptance and storage of bulk food products. WOLFF GROUP has already protected twenty installations in that plant so there was nothing extraordinary about the inquiry, except the time limit assigned for the task implementation, i.e. 3 weeks.

Due to the delivery of raw materials contracted by the customer for the beginning of October, the installation commission date could not be changed. We were requested to coordinate operations of sales, design and assembly departments in an extremely short period of time. A further complication was that the system could not be supplied in the standard version since the sanitary version was required. Due to the near completion ISO 9001:2015 system implemented by WOLFF GROUP and over 20 years of experience of our team, we were able to efficiently operate, coordinate and control the information and resources.

As usually, we started the work with making the design. Due to the location and type of installation, the customer decided to install the type HRD damping and explosion decoupling system in the sanitary version. Making the calculations, selecting appropriate components, making the design and obtaining the necessary approvals and consents took us less than 3 working days. Certainly, everything was done in accordance with the requirements of the ATEX Directive and ISO 9001.

Already during the design work, we commenced completion of HRD system components. For logistic reasons, the deliveries were divided into two stages. As soon as the next day after acceptance of the HRD explosion protection system documentation, i.e. within 4 days from the order, the components needed for pre-installation of the system were shipped to the facility. A week later, the next (main) delivery of system components was completed.

Pre-installing mechanical, electrical and I & C works were completed 5 days before the date of putting the installation into service. The Service and Installation Department Brigade proceeded to the installation and connection of components of the type HRD explosion suppression and decoupling system which included MEX/FAB dynamic pressure sensors, IR-11 flame sensors, cylinders with type E-HRD extinguishing agent and the EX 100.1 control unit. The latter will be replaced with the EX-8000 multi-zone unit during the next expansion of the installation planned for 2017.

After training for new employees and performing system tests, the installation was commissioned on the date stipulated in the contract.

SCOPE OF WORKS: comprehensive Explosion Protection of Newly Delivered Bulk Food Product Acceptance and Storage Line



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